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    The Sims have been causing a ruckus in the suburbs in the PC games and both The Sims and The Sims Bustin' Out on the consoles, but it's time to move on up to a bigger location. To get the Sims into the city, Maxis has announced that they are developing a new title called Urban Sims (working title), that is scheduled for release this fall. Trading in their complacent lives that were constantly threatened by combustible toasters, the Sims are taking on a hipper 24/7 lifestyle and earning reputations as style mavens. With a whole new art style and some new gameplay, the Sims are growing up.

    One of the biggest changes is the gameplay is that the job is no longer an invisible component of the game and gamers will have constant control of the Sims. Where before the Sims would disappear off-screen and come back a little more tired and grumpy, jobs will now become a much more integral part of the action. Walking down a street, a sushi chef might yell out that he needs help making sushi and the Sim can jump in and go to work to make some simoleans. Doing a good job at work will bring in promotions and access to power socials to meet other characters in the game. This is key because success in Urban Sims is all about the reputation.

    After making some simoleans, it will be possible to buy some better gear and work on styling up the Sim. With a more detailed character customization than in previous games, it will be possible to create a highly unique Sim. Gamers will be able to tell if other characters like their style in the game since they'll be able to see other characters mimicking them. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it's also a sure sign of others' respect. If the Sim gets more respect, he or she will get a better reputation and become more important in the Sim world.

    Click the link for more, When I first woke up a saw this I just started laughing cause it sounded so gay, but after reading it, it doesn't sound that bad not my cup of tea but I might rent it some time.
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