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    Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is a strategic action game coming exclusively to the Xbox through developer Phantagram. Being published by Microsoft Game Studios, Kingdom Under Fire will feature battles of an epic scale that are as beautiful to look at as they are intense. The player will act as the general in a fantasy battleground, fighting alongside various types of warriors, catapults, and even dragons.

    With over 30 units to choose from, tactical gurus will find a lot to like, while RPG fans should enjoy the upgrades of equipment and weapons via experience points. By choosing one character to play as amongst four different races, gamers will have the opportunity to play through the game from different perspectives.

    Kingdom Under Fire features up to 150 characters fighting on screen at the same time while keeping a swift framerate. The highly detailed character models use 3,000 ~ 4,000 polygons; we're talking pretty. The game will consist of more than 100 missions and it contains Xbox Live support through downloadable content and a real-time ranking system.

    While this game looked impressive at E3 2003, a year later things have really shaped up and this looks to be one unique and great looking action title. To prove it, today we bring you an exclusive movie clip and a batch of new screenshots. Enjoy.

    All 26 screenshots here

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    Not my type of game, but it sounds aite.

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