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Thread: A newbie needs some answers

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    Cool A newbie needs some answers

    I have some questions.

    1. Do you need any special upgrades to play dvd's on the x-box or will it play dvd's right out of the box? I need any special upgrades to go on the internet?

    3. what is dvd playback?

    4. Is there going to be any games like quake 3 made for the x-box so I can vs. people online?

    5. Do I need a isp for internet connection with the x-box?

    For anyone that answers this Thank you and your reply helped me out a lot!

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    ah here we go.

    1) Yes, you will need to purchase the dvd remote, for 24.99 i believe.

    2) Well, "going on the internet" id use as a loose term, it wont be able to surf the web, but if you mean online gaming, no it comes with a Broad Band modem built in.

    3) Ummm DVD playback is when you stick a DVD (Digital Video Disc) into the xbox, and it will play it back as if its a DVD player. Simply put, it plays movies.

    4) Yes there will be many quake-like games to play online - Halo, Unreal Championship, Quake 3 Special Edition, WWII Online, the list goes on and on

    5) Yes, i would imagine you'd need an existing cable internet servie provider, but im sure they will debut their own service in the near future.

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