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Thread: How to get married and at what age?1

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    Default How to get married and at what age?1

    Right niw i'm on the trail/quest with all the bandits in that super long row/trail of them, and am wondering if i can get married yet and how
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    I waited awhile til I bothered trying to get married - just take your time, it's nothing special, just some 'oohs and ahh's' with a black screen. Once you go back to a village, find a chick and just keep flirting, laughing, and doing the fist pump and give her some gifts, also - buy a ring wherever you can find one (I got mine in Oakvale) - then once the heart over her head gets all big and red, she'll want you to get her a ring. I think you have to have a certain reknown before they actually take notice in you like that.

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