Yea im going to bring it down to a serious level for once. I met this girl during the just finished school year. I've known her for like 4-5 months now or so and literally since the moment I knew her I was in love with her. It's starting to get teh ghey now that it's summer and all I do 24/7 is think of her. I've done all the player things like buy her roses randomly show up and give her she's invited me to her house a few times and I even took her to the Pirates/ Orioles game on Monday cause she loves the Orioles (and I went through hell to get those tickets). She seemed to have a really good time and told me she did and that we should do it again sometime..but shes constantly busy and I can never consistently see's all like once or twice a week I see her for short periods of time. I'm pretty sure she knows I like her and what not but she never told me that she knew. Some of my friends are convinced she has the hots for me but sometimes friends exaggerate. Like she hugged me after the game and like she paused for 10 seconds sis was like you should of busted out the kiss..but I'm a puss. Like I get so nervous around her and cant be myself. Have any tips for me the more experienced I'm not trying to "nail her" or whatever ... I just want to be with her... She's just a little under a year older then me and absolutely gorgeous with a brilliant mind.