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    Default Star Wars Starfighter SE

    Has anyone plyed this? I'm stuck on the night mission on Naboo, or mission 11.

    I have tried it several different ways and can't get through.

    Any hints?

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    Default HMM..


    Well, sorry to say "brianz", but i havent played this game yet. I'm not too much of a Star Wars fan, but i think this game looks to be a great title, both graphicly and gameplay wise. So is the game good/great/fair? Whats your take on it?

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    heh. I'm stuck on that mission, too. It's the hardest mission so far. If anyone has any ideas, or if you (brianz) have finished, let me what you did to get through it (other than shoot everything and don't die!). Thanks!

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    Default mission 11

    I found a code that does work. "Europa" will unlock all missions, including the bonus missions.

    I wasn't able to beeat #11, but has completed the rest of the game.

    The bonus missions are pretty lame, but the reat of the game was fun.

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    Ummm... Just beat it today w/o codes.

    In the first open area, do not use any photon torps, blow up as many of those tanks as you can and keep them firing at you... Your sheilds regen much faster than Reti's, so damage to you won't be as bad. Also, don't worry about the little guys on speeder bikes as they don't do much damage.

    Once Reti flies into the second alley, get in there quickly, and try to blast whatever's on the ground in front of him. If you can't kill them that's fine, but attacking them will allow Reti to pass through unscathed because they won't attack back while they're being fired upon.

    In the second open area, this is where you oughta use your torps. Photon the missile tanks, BUT leave the scarabs until the end. Save whatever torps you have left for the end of this level. Once they're all killed you'll pass into the narrowest alley yet. concentrate more on flying than killing the hovering droids. Stay low in the alley, and use the right thumbstick as infrequently as you can... IMO The rt. thumb just confuses things in here.

    Once you're at the base: KILLKILLKILL! There's not much more to the end of this level than that. Good luck, the level after this one is unbelivably entertaining! Just make sure to use your targeting button so that you always know what enemy is where.

    Take care and good luck!

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    If anyone is trying to get the gold on that level, and do not know where to find the remaining missile tanks, they are are on the ground in the 2nd canyon with the droid turrets. Stay low because thay are hard to spot and some are hiding behind rocks.
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