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Thread: 27in HDTV $899 seem like a good thing?

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    Default 27in HDTV $899 seem like a good thing?

    $899 for a 27inch HDTV seems really nice. Bestbuy carries it its called the Dyna from Panasonic. The thing is its about **** time they released something smaller. I couldnt fit a 54in in my room if I tried because my PC desk and bed then TV space takes to much up.

    Looking for an HDTV without price because I have to buy a Geforce 4 4600($399) for my PC in afew days and the new Motherboard KT333A. So wondering if anyone knows anything about these smaller HDTVs.

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    It seems too small to notice a great difference, thats why I chose the Sony Vega 32" for the same price...

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