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Thread: What evil regime/s in any Xbox games would you most like to destroy or topple?

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    Default What evil regime/s in any Xbox games would you most like to destroy or topple?

    What evil regime/s (whatever your definition of that is) from any Xbox or Xbox 360
    games you admire or dislike, would you most like to topple, destroy and get rid of and please say HOW you reckon you'd (seriously or humorously) successfully go about
    doing or achieving that ?

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    the covenant

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    that damned government or montano cartel from Just Cause....and I've done it by shooting there men and throwing grenades at there roadblocks, then changing there flag/killing there leader.....yea I did one hell of a job for the world
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    How about Sony

    lol, that would be an interesting game :P

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