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    Exclamation JSRF multiplayer discussion

    OK, now that we've had the game for a few days, what is everyone's impression of the multiplayer in JSRF?

    (I'm cross-posting my comments from another thread to start this one that only deals with JSRF multiplayer.)

    Some friends and I tried some 3-player games, and found they came up pretty short when compared to the single player game. You can't compete in the actual single player levels, and are forced to select from some clausterphobic tracks (for racing) and arenas (for tag-like games). And, one MP game type (I think it's the tag the most areas in the time limit) is only for 2 players.

    Did we miss something somewhere? Please tell me I'm wrong! I wanted to love this game, but when it came to the MP, I was really disappointed.

    I'd have to say that once you 100% the SP game (finding all the hidden tags) there's not much replay value since the MP is lacking. Although, having not finished the game, I'm not sure what extras might be opened up by doing so. Keeping my fingers crossed on that!

    I don't want anyone to think that I don't like this game. I think the Single Player game so far is amazing, beautiful, frustrating, and very rewarding all at the same time. Skillfully blazing along wires high above the city is awesome. And unlocking new tags is great. I just wish these same levels or at least smaller versions of them (not arenas) were available in the multiplayer.

    Let's hear what everyone thinks....
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    Yeah I agree with you. I really like the SP game for all of the obvious reasons but when I played 2 player MP it just wasn't as cool. It was fun for a while but it's definately not something I would consider as an addition to the longevity of JSRF.

    But then again I wasn't expecting the MP modes to be that great, this is clearly a SP game so I'm not dissapointed.

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    I was not very impressed with multiplayer for several reasons. First there are very few levels. Next is that there is no online play. Last is that it gets extremely boring after a while.

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    the biggest prob is that those levels really suck....wouldn't it be sooo cool to get get chased up a pole backflip off it and end up chasing them? the levels simply don't present anything cool 2 do. And as the levels r so simple in the cases of ball hog and racing who ever gets the lead at the start will keep it throughout with little skill, with games offering great muiltiplay like halo and tony hawk ur not really gonna touch this r least the single player game rocks!

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