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    Default Welcome to Faceplate Addict!

    Welcome to Faceplate Addict!

    If you own a 360, or have been considering owning one, you’re probably aware of one of the special features of the console. The plain white (or black) front of the console is called a faceplate. The 360 faceplate is removable and can be swapped out with any number of faceplates available for purchase at your local store.

    For most people, that’s where faceplates end. “Dude, do you want Halo 3 or Gears of War?” These are what I call “corporate” faceplates, which you can purchase at retail stores, or even get one for free if you preorder select games at select retailers.

    What most people DON’T know is that there’s a whole world of variety and personality out there that you can bestow upon your personal Xbox 360, to actually make it personal!

    There are plates that are limited to special events, like E3 or the Zero Hour launch party. There are plates that are made solely for internal development teams. There are plates that are made especially for key retailers. There are a lot of plates that are available only in other countries. And there’s my favorite: faceplates that are one-of-a-kind, made by you or for you, that are as genuinely unique as you are.

    Those faceplates are called custom faceplates. While some people collect retail-quality faceplates, it IS possible (though highly unlikely) that you could have every one ever made. There are also people who collect custom plates. They collect only the ones they like because it’s not physically possible to have them all. In some cases, they can “commission” an artist to make a plate for them, if they feel they don’t have the skills to pull it off themselves. While collecting “corporate” plates is kind of like collecting any mass-produced thing, say, Hot Wheels or Star Wars figures, collecting customs is like collecting art.

    This is where Faceplate Addict comes in. The Faceplate Addict Forums will be set up into three separate areas:

    The General Faceplate Discussion:
    - This is where faceplate sightings and info can be posted. If a plate is spotted in a store (like the new Assassin’s Creed plates, two versions with skins for $29.99 US), or if a plate is announced for a preorder (like the four Ace Combat 6 plates plus the two premium plates), please let everyone know!

    The Collectors Corner:
    - Collectors can see a list of all the corporate plates that have been made. We will do our best to keep the list current and keep it comprehensive.
    - Collectors can make visual wish-lists of plates that they need to fill holes in their collections.
    - Collectors can buy, sell or trade plates so they can build their collections. This will by necessity be at the risk of the collectors, and neither Xbox Addict nor Faceplate Addict will be held responsible for transactions gone awry. TRANSACTIONS MUST TAKE PLACE THROUGH PMs.
    - Collectors from different countries will finally have a place to get together and help out their fellow collectors from other parts of the world.

    The Customizers Corner:
    - Customizers can show off their creations in dedicated threads that serve as online galleries. Create a thread with your name in the title, and post pictures of your art.
    - Customizers can share their processes and insight with others, if they wish.
    - Collectors can contact the Customizers through PM’s to make purchases from the gallery or request a commission. Again, all transactions are at your own risk and MUST be done through PMs.
    - Customizers can link to active online auctions through their forum signatures. (THIS IS CURRENTLY UNDER DISCUSSION WITH THE ADMINS.)
    - Tutorials will be posted to help and encourage people who want to try their hand at customizing. A number of supplies will be made available (like stickers to cover the illuminated areas of the power button when painting) for a super-nominal fee. That means “cheap.”
    - Feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement are… encouraged. Derogatory remarks, insults, and destructive criticism will not be tolerated. You don’t have to like every plate, but you do have to be nice about it.

    Finally, it will just be a place where Xbox fans, gaming fans, and fans of creativity and artistic expression can all come together in one big hippie commune of faceplate lovin’. OK, maybe not. Anyway, you don’t have to collect OR create, in order to appreciate the variety and ingenuity of these tiny, bizarre plastic canvasses called faceplates. And forums thrive on input, so throw in your two cents (three, Canadian).

    Please tell your friends about Faceplate Addict. If you’ve got a collection, even if it’s only two plates, ask a Faceplate Addict Mod (not a regular XBA Mod) to open a gallery thread for you. If you sell plates through online auctions, link us in your auction. If you’re a customizer and you have your own site, we’d love for you to consider sharing your gift here as well.

    Congratulations to Kamshaft and all the staff at Xbox Addict for the re-launch of the site. Here’s hoping that we bring something new and fun that gives the Xbox community even more reason to call Xbox Addict home.

    And, to everyone, welcome to Faceplate Addict!

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