You are in the right place if:

1) You want to show off your collection.

Please put your name and "collection" in the thread title. Please host your own pictures and do not hotlink. If a hotlink gets ugly (as in pr0n'ed), it will get you a ban.

2) You want to create a visual wish list of plates you'd like to add to your collection.

Same as above. Put your name and "wishlist" in the thread title, and host your own pics. If someone has a plate that you want, they can post it in the thread, but you have to work out the pricing or trade details through PMs. Neither Xbox Addice nor Faceplate Addict are responsible for trades gone sour.

3) You have duplicate plates that you're willing to sell or trade.

You can post that you have the plates available. You can't discuss price or work out selling/trading details. Anything involving a transaction MUST be handled through PMs, and neither Xbox Addict nor Faceplate Addict are responsible for trades gone sour.

4) You'd like to leave feedback on a sale/trade.

There is a thread purely for leaving feedback for other members concerning transactions. If the transaction goes smoothly, please post feedback for the other party immediately. If the transaction had issues (shipped plate but was never paid or paid and never got plate), please do everything you can with the other party before leaving negative transaction feedback. Neither Xbox Addict nor Faceplate Addict will get involved in a transaction. We will get involved in a feedback dispute only when insults or derogatory remarks are left as feedback. "I waited six weeks and never got the plate" is sufficient feedback.

DO NOT START A NEW THREAD FOR A MEMBER FOR EVERY TRANSACTION. I dont' want to see thirty "MyUserName" threads with one comment per thread. If you did a transaction, look for the members name and add to that thread. If you don't see his/her name, please use "Search" before creating a thread. We don't have time to sit around and consolidate threads.