I went to san Francisco for a Japanese cultural event this weekend. My car was towed and it cost me $490 to get it out of impound. Because of that, I am short money for my textbook for a class that starts in September, short for PAX, short for a trip to LV with CJ for her BD that was already booked, and more stuff.

The link above goes to my "redoing the wall" page. There are good pics in the lower part of the page. If you see something you have to have, PM me.

Also, the 11 Eternal Sonata custom faceplates that I listed on eBay closed with a crapload of watchers but no bids. I decided that $300, while being absolutely what they are worth, may be too hard to come up with all at once. So, if anyone wants to get one or two at a time for $30 each plus shipping, let me know which ones you want. I can make you the other plates in the set later (or I may still have them if the others don't sell).

Look especially at the signed plates.

Please help out if you can. Thanks