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Thread: GRAND PRIX 4 poised to take Xbox by storm

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    Exclamation GRAND PRIX 4 poised to take Xbox by storm

    Hi all,

    Wanted to share this info that I found on Grand Prix 4. Now this is not your "oldschool" pole position, and it blows that aged PS@ port F1 2001 way out of the water.

    I have been a big fan of Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series on PC and now I am happy to report that it will be making an exclusive appearance on the Xbox this summer. Targeted for a June release.

    This is the fourth outing in the series, obviously, but this is the first time any of te series has mad it to a console. Developers Simergy and Microprose are confident that racing fans on the Xbox will be blown away.

    Here is a quote from an article I read:

    Here is a link to that article----------->Click Me

    In fact, we've just had the chance to have a go on it ourselves. Just for the record, it's bloody hard. Spending the first five minutes skidding across the grass and slamming into crash barriers is rather annoying, especially when you discover that you've already got the "newbie" settings on, such as traction control and steering help. Still, persevering with it we soon discovered where the tarmac was located and were driving, if slightly sedately, where we were supposed to.
    Here are some pictures for ya!

    Rallisport and Gotham will hold me over until this mamajamma comes out,,,,, this is a must buy for serious race fans.

    PhReeK out!
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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH! thanks for posting, i loooove my xbox!!!
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