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Thread: MW Vs WaW

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    Default MW Vs WaW

    which one would you say win. between MW 1 and WaW. and why????

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    Both of them are great games. "World at War" has been supported much better in comparison for "Modern Warfare". I'd probably pick Modern Warfare as I really enjoyed having the modern weapons and environments to play through. In terms of fun factor though, I think they're completely equal.

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    I love MW, can't get enough. WAW was ok, but after playing with new weapons in MW, I just can't go back. It's hard for me to adjust to Battlefield 1943 when I play it.
    WaW is better supported, being that they have a ton of DLC, where as MW only has one map pack with 3 maps, and only 1 being somewhat fun. The zombie mode on WAW is a game in all it's own and a ton of fun. IMO, is the only reason to get WAW.

    If you want old style, WW2 combat with some tanks and dogs, then get WAW.
    If your looking for newer weapons, and more fliud combat, go MW.

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    I prefered MW over WaW anyday.

    though it won't matter soon, cause MW2 is going to trump them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Variation-XBA View Post
    though it won't matter soon, cause MW2 is going to trump them
    Yes, this is true. If you can, just hold out till Nov. for 2

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    Personally I like WaW I'm not saying MW was bad I love them both and they are both really close, but after playing WaW I just can't get back into MW for some reason unless I'm playing with someone. Also because WaW fixed some of MW's problems

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    Both are good but I enjoy Waw's more for some reason.

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    OMG MW hands down for me. i just dislike WaW with a passion, and all the hardcore COD fans prefer MW. but nazi zombies is fun, ill give it that.
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