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Thread: Any original XBOX collectors out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symmetric-XBA View Post
    it's amazing how ppl inflate prices to try and get as much money as possible when in the end they end up just hurting their own image. when it comes to video games you have to understand that there will only be a limited time when the prices are high, but when you talk about old consoles the value doesn't carry over. granted there may be a couple hundred of these consoles in the world, but the original xbl has been turned off and development for games has stopped so the worth of the console itself has already taken a hit due to those two factors alone.

    Its like the limited 360 consoles now. Don't expect their value to stay when the next console comes out. The same can be said for faceplates and games as well. Granted the faceplate market is now almost non existent esp. with the introduction of the new slim consoles and the fact that MS itself has abandoned support for them, but that doesn't stop ppl from trying to get cash from unsuspecting suckers. Limited games though seems to be where the last hurrah is as far as value. Games such as Dead Space Ultra Limited Edt., Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Signiture Bundle and the Tiesto DJ Hero 2 bundle which have very limited supply only carry a high price due to the fact that the 360 is still going strong, but once the new console comes out those prices and value should drop (unless the new console plays the 360 games).
    I don't think the fact that there is no support for a console by the original manufacturer or if games are made anymore has much effect on the price. People who collect consoles don't buy them to play them so those features wouldn't matter to them anyway. Granted they probably want to buy one that they know works even though they never plan to use it.

    Same thing probably goes for games as well. Rare older games still go for good amounts of money for consoles that aren't supported or don't have games being made for them anymore. Take the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition for example. If you paid $700 for a copy of the game still sealed in the box are you going to open it and play it? A good example of a rare original game that has a high price tag on it is Stadium Events for the NES.
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    I believe both points of view make sense. In the long run many video games will never surpass the original MSRP. Many are produced in staggering numbers and while video gaming is a mainstream activity, video game collecting is not (yet). So, once manufacturing for a particular console ceases the vast majority of the game catalog loses significant value in the next several years that follow. For example, many PS2 and original Xbox games can be purchased for less than $5 usd, which represents a depreciation nearing 80%. Even most games or systems advertised as rare will never be rare in the traditional sense. I frequently see ads for the green Halo Xbox that refer to it as "very rare" and wonder if anyone believes it.

    That said, losing the support of the manufacturer has not traditionally harmed other collectibles. I doubt the truly rare consoles, games, controllers, etc will lose thier value in the long run simply by losing manufacturer support or some functionality. Ultimately, these items will be worth what someone is willing to pay and it seems inevitable that video games will continue to follow the same cycle as other collectibles. Many of todays "rare" items will rise meteorically in value only to lose value once its considered obselete. When the item becomes retro or classic it will probably be rediscovered by more collectors and rise again in value. For the most part, rare items will have value in the long run and mass produced items will remain at low price points.

    In any case, I think its a good rule of thumb is to only collect what you love becuase trying to make money collecting anything is something very few people can do.

    The comments in my previous post were aimed more at the absurdity of some sellers. Very few items will sell for over 1k in the modern end of this market. Trying to get that kind of money for items that are manufactured in the thousands is laughable to me.

    Anyway, good luck to all of you in your XBOX collecting. I hope many more will join us in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonTar View Post
    I hope you wouldn't be asking $1,750 like the guy on Ebay. That price is way to high.
    Not likely. Would be nice though.

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    I am trying to put together a list of the promotional games for the XBOX. I don't mean the "not for resale" style pack-in games, demo copies or the beta games. Based on my experience, these were typically full copies of the games given out to gaming magazines or to retailers. I bought a few for the XBOX and a few more for the Wii from my local game store and would like to build a complete set for the XBOX if I can. Does anyone have an idea of how many games had promotional copies produced? I will do the research if anyone has guidance on how to get it done.

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    When you're a collector, you pay the price for the items in exchange for the joy you get building a collection. You don't do it for the value of the collection, because collections like that almost always go down in value. I'd be lucky to get $10K for my collection which was worth over $25K at one time. There will most likely come a time when one of the plates becomes in demand for whatever reason it might be, and there will probably be one plate worth the whole $25K. Imagine collecting NES cartridges. 99% of them aren't worth a quarter anymore, but there's one worth almost $30K. Anyone with a complete collection still has a valuable collection.
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    lol, i still have my halo 1 edition here

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    Default Xbox Live Beta Kit

    I recently picked up an Xbox live beta kit. Does anyone else out there have one of these kits? I'm not 100% sure its complete and need a correct inventory of what was originally included.

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    Is it just what I am seeing or are prices on the uncommon original Xbox items going up lately? Things I was picking up a year ago such as the launch Xbox, live controller and the Dakota controllers are selling for double. It's cutting into my purchasing power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hunter View Post
    Is it just what I am seeing or are prices on the uncommon original Xbox items going up lately? Things I was picking up a year ago such as the launch Xbox, live controller and the Dakota controllers are selling for double. It's cutting into my purchasing power.
    Yeah, I just saw that Launch console go for over $400, crazy. Not as many sellers now.

    EDIT: That Launch console didn't even include the controllers...
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    Greetings Ed Hunter. I too am an xbox collector, although I'm a variant chaser as well. Here is a few pictures of my collection and various items in my collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx_ View Post
    Greetings Ed Hunter. I too am an xbox collector, although I'm a variant chaser as well. Here is a few pictures of my collection and various items in my collection.
    It's takes a LOT to make me jealous, but man, that's an awesome Xbox room
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    Quote Originally Posted by Variation-XBA View Post
    It's takes a LOT to make me jealous, but man, that's an awesome Xbox room
    Lol. Thanks Dude!

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    Just checkin' in...

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    Wow, now that is an amazing xBox collection! I have been looking for a handful of xbox variants for years now and I think you might have them all. I can't even fathom the time it took to run down all those rarities. It is truly awesome Thanks for sharing it. I would love to hear how you found some of the really special items.

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    Default Halo 2 Collector's Edition Xbox Console

    I have the Halo 2 Collector's Edition Xbox Console- Translucent Green with Halo 2 symbol on it.(Brand New, Only Opened Once to look at it), and the Crystal Limited edition Clear(New, used once no box) I'm looking to sell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hunter View Post
    I recently started seriously collecting the orginal xbox series of products. Unlike other gaming systems I collect, it seems there are very few forums for collectors. I am beginning to wonder if its becuase there are very few original xbox collectors. I am posting this message becuase I am trying to complete the set of xbox games and systems. It would be nice to exchange thoughts with others trying to do the same thing. Currently, I have just over 700 of the 950+ games published on Wikipedia and most of the domestic (USA and Canada) consoles. Specificially, I have

    (1) the standard black;
    (2) Halo 1 edition: translucent green
    (3) Halo 2 edition: translucent blue
    (4) Crystal Edition - translucent white
    (5) Moutain Dew Edition - lime green ,
    (6) Debugging Unit - translcuent green
    (7) Translucenent Green Edition; and
    (8) the launch unit, which like most of the other special editions is also translucent green.

    All of the above are NTSC. I do have some PAL and NTSC-J systems, but I haven't really even begun to conquer the Japanese and European markets yet. I am currently looking for the Pepsi/Hulk, Tony Hawk Underground 2 to complete the domestic sets. However, if there are any other xbox collecters out there with limited edition international xbox's like the Kasumi Chan version I am always open to trades or straight out purchases. I also love the promo's, prototypes and demo's. Like most collectors, I really don't like selling my stuff. I prefer to buy or trade when necessary.

    Are there any other xBox collectors out there? If so, what are you focused on collecting. I would love to hear back from anyone working in this area. Thanks!

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    A Collector must have
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortune View Post
    A Collector must have
    The Halo 2 unit your selling is a Japanese, right?

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    I love that Halo 2 ce. I don't have one in my collection now. I really like the different logo on the top of the machine and the cool box. I just saw an expired listing for one on eBay. Was that your auction?

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    Default Launch Edition XBOX units

    I keep seeing and hearing that only 60 launch edition Xbox systems were made. Does anyone know how they came up with this information? I have been tracking these systems for about 5 years now and I think more than 60 were made. I think the number could be quite a bit higher. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I don't recall the specifics as to how many Launch Edition Consoles were made - I do remember feeling ripped-off that after all the work put into the project I had to buy it : /


    The above pic shows my Launch Edition Console plus various other bits and pieces related to that era including;

    The First Official Xbox Certification Submission Disc with commemorative mounting - this is the only one in existence as there can be ONLY ONE.
    The XBOX Launch Team translucent green version of the console with matching translucent green controllers and AV cord - just 60 (?) were made. BillG's signature is screened in metal underneath the XBOX jewel.
    The XBOX prototype replica model in machined and polished metal with illuminated XBOX logo - don't know how many of these were made. The original prototype was about 18"x18"x18 and looked just like the replica only larger - it couldn't help but make an impression on potential developers and publishers who saw it - I wonder where it is today? That said, at least the replica exists ; )
    The XBOX Developer Disc with the original SDK bits.
    The XBOX "Halo Test" (?) disc (haven't investigated contents).
    The XBOX Fall 2001 Brochure handed out at E3 2001.
    The XBOX "Collector Series Official Trading Card" full set in ABSOLUTELY MINT CONDITION made available only (?) at E3 2001. It says "Collect all 16" but for marketing purposes no card #13 was made.
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