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    Default Castle Crashers

    This is a thread all for the wonderful newgrounds game "Castle Crashers" feel free to talk about anything in the game or try to set up 3-4 person xbl matches. Go ahead as long as it has to do with the game you can post it

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    I've been craving to play this again lately too

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    Im satisfied for now with Scott Pilgrim. Played Castle Crashers too much.

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    loved this game, still have the two mp achievs to get. hit me up if you wanna play some head to head mode!

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    OK ill play it with any of you guys just leave your gamertag and wait for and invite tommarow ok

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    can someone help me get the game so I can play it wit yall

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkestfawn View Post
    can someone help me get the game so I can play it wit yall
    You're two years too late

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    Quote Originally Posted by Variation-XBA View Post
    You're two years too late
    is there another way I can get the game any way

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    Var was saying that this thread was 2yrs old and that you are late to probably game w/ the guys that had previously been talking about it.

    But you can go to your marketplace and DL it or head over to and put it in your DL Queue:


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    I dont have enough ms points to get it

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    Default Castle Crashers

    I remember playing this game a while back, I also heard that it spread over to PS3.

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