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Thread: Anyone finished Sniper Ghost warrior?

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    Default Anyone finished Sniper Ghost warrior?

    Is it worth buying or renting?

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    Rent or even don't waste the money.

    I played like three missions and just couldn't keep playing, it was awful to me.
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    Metacritic is showing some really bad scores. Read some of those before getting it Heli.
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    RENT. It's an alright fun play, but wouldn't waste that much money on it. You can take your time and be sneaky, or just run-n-gun. The one thing I do like about it is the Hard difficulty is really in fact very hard! Replayability is almost zero though.

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    I bought it used, I replay it every once in a great while. There are some glitches in the game where NPC's are not always in the same spot and kill you, causing you to fail the mission. But other than that, it was alright. I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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