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    Hello my name is Mike and I am an Xbox Addict. Isn't that how these are supposed to start ? Haha. Wandered over to this forum looking for ideas to possibly display my collection of faceplates. After seeing the passion here for them though,i feel like I have done them a disservice by having them tucked away in a box. I am new here and generally think of myself as more of a lurker than a poster, I have don't have as much time to be involved in the community as I'd like but.....]'ve got games to play, ya know? I'm sure I'll be involved in the marketplace/trading area as I love to find the deals and make the deals. I very well could be liquidating my faceplate collection to pursue other interests.

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    I'm sure if you want to mvoe your plates, people in the faceplate forum would be more than happy. I'm looking to do that myself too.
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    Hey Mike, welcome to XBA. Glad to have you aboard and hope that you enjoy the site...

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    Welcome to the jungle!

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    Welcome to XBA, enjoy your stay!

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