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Thread: Im new today and need help!

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    Default Im new today and need help!

    Hello All!
    I am new to the group and wanted to say Hi!
    google search engine bought me here, im currently designing some custom faceplates and xbox cases, I wanted to upload my art work for you all to comment on, Admins can you help me out, im not sure how I do this and dont want to break any rules, I am also new to ebay and started selling my controllers and so far they have all sold

    Also what is the best forum to get advise on spraying, as I am having issues with certain paint and noticed that I cant spray when its cold (currently -8 in UK where I live) so will have to wait till its warmer.

    so this is a big HELLO and thank you for having me XBA ASYLUM!

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    Just upload your pictures to photobucket or flickr and link them in a thread, be the easiest way.

    And welcome!
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    welcome to XBA, glad that you stumbled upon us... Def upload your images to and then you can create a post and include your image for all to see your work.

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