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    Default Hey.

    Hi I'm Bill.

    I actually used to be a member here, like six years ago. I don't even know how I stumbled back across this forum, to be honest. I wish I could remember my old username, I swear I wrote reviews and everything.

    My tag is Yearly Bell - I go through phases of pouring loads of time into XBL and then just not bothering to renew my account for like half a year - more than anything because I always forget just how many ****s populate the community and how quickly the fun and excitement of online play can be ruined by people who only care about their ranking. TF2 is still as great as I remember it being, though.

    Gaming has been a huge part of my life, I think my first console was the Megadrive when I was barely old enough to remember... however I seem to get worse at games with each year I get older...

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    Welcome back!

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    Welcome back to XBA, enjoy your stay!!

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