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Thread: The Splatters XBLA Giveaway!

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    Thumbs up The Splatters XBLA Giveaway!

    The wonderful folks at SpikySnail have released their new puzzle game The Splatters on XBLA. Their website can be found here:

    What's this giveaway you ask? Well, we have some codes to give away for you to download and own yourselves, and it's simple to do!

    1) First, read our Xboxaddict review of the game here:

    2) Second, send myself a private message (click on my name above the post and send private message) with the correct answers to all three questions below. If you're not a member here at XBA, the signup is quick and easy!

    3) If you win, you'll be sent a code to download The Splatters on XBLA for you to enjoy! I will update this thread once all the winners have sent in their correct answers.

    1)Whats the main goal in The Splatters?
    2)Name two of the special moves/trick shots.
    3)There’s one way to finish each level, true or false?

    Also, we hope you're a fan and like us on Facebook because we'll also be giving away a code there as well!

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    Wow, those are going quick. We have 1 code left! So the next person to PM me the correct answers gets their copy of this awesome puzzler!

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    And all the codes are gone! Thanks everyone for participating and to SpikySnail for the giveaway!

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