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    Default Xbox 360 controller

    Can I use a regular Xbox 360 controller on the PC by attaching a chord normally used to charge it on the xbox?
    Can I use a regular Xbox 360 controller on the computer by attaching it into the USB port with a charger cable? It doesn't seem to be working. i downloaded the software already. so i'm wonddering if I'm doing something wrong, or if I need to get an actual wired 360 controller to use it on the PC.


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    If you have a wired controller, yes.

    If you have a wireless controller, you will need to get a wireless receiver. They're about 10 bucks more or less.

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    With a wired controller, it should be seamless and not even have to do anything. What Windows are you using?
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    Sounds like you are trying to attach a wireless controller to the computer using a play and charge cord. It will not work the same as using a wired controller.

    You will either have to buy the wireless adapter for Windows pc's or buy a wired controller.

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