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    I propose a new version of Xbox live : in three division,
    One for Arcade games (retro) (new ?)
    One for free-to-play
    One for unit of creation of games with Unity and more.
    I would like better quality of games of Xbox live, on 2500 tittles, there are 10, 20 really exellent for the price of 18 Usd.
    A new génération of shoot them up and hack and slash, or adventure games.
    Participation of videogames stores in creation of games for story and for the hobby.
    Purchase of Atari, and if possible Nintendo or publication of games of Mario on Xbox One or Ps+.
    I ask différentiation on trailers (free) with the items you can purchase on Xbox live and indication of their utilities.
    I would like the trailers systematically in the linguage of the country where published.
    I'am for possibility to see trailer without donwload, and i want find it in Videos Extras too and not only in actuality page.
    For Games with gold, 2 games per month, 3 if there are Xbla game, and obligation to give a first line game in a wishlist from time to time, or better, exclusivity Xbox contents.
    If you give a game with Games for gold, you give all the Dlc of the games too.
    No more Dlc.
    Résiliation of the ridiculous Xbox live Reward, because it's nul 0,30 Usd for your Gamerscore and your buy on the market. (possibility when you receive your statment in end of month, you not lose your others advantages of Xbox live)
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