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Thread: Checking In 15 Years & Changes

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    Alien Checking In 15 Years & Changes

    I think I made one of this threads in 2015 or something, but last night I had a friend over and we started talking about graphic design. I was trying to explain the forum signature concept so I typed into Chrome and starting going down the rabbit hole to see if I could find one of my elementary designs from my grade school era on here. No dice yet (was looking for that Foo Fighters one I did for one our fellow Canadian XBAers) but was drawing a blank on his handle. Ship sailed on the need to share, but thought I'd check in here to see if anyone was around.

    What's up XBA?
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    Mix! Good to see you man! Glad to see old schoolers come back!
    Executive Editor

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    Man...long time no see!
    Back into the world of gaming.

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    Hello there!

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    16 years...
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    I can't believe I got my password right on the first try. It's been so freaking long. Is Casper still around? Ninja Scroll?

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