Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360) by Sega

Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360) by Sega Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: November 14, 2006.


The game is set in Soleanna, the beautiful city of water. In his first adventure set in the human world, Sonic meets a beautiful princess named Elise, whom he quickly befriends, but Princess Elise is abducted by none other than the calculating Dr. Eggman who is working under dark and sinister motives,to destroy this special kingdom of hers.


Monday, October 24, 2005


Sonic Episode: Cleared
Clear Sonic Episode!
Shadow Episode: Cleared
Clear Shadow Episode!
Silver Episode: Cleared
Clear Silver Episode!
One to reach the end
End the last hidden story.
Sonic Episode: Completed
Clear unlocked Sonic difficult level mission.
Shadow Episode: Completed
Clear unlocked Shadow difficult level mission.
Silver Episode: Completed
Clear unlocked Silver difficult level mission.
Shadow Episode: Mastered
Clear all unlocked Shadow ACT Missions with Rank S.
Sonic Episode: Mastered
Clear all unlocked Sonic ACT Missions with Rank S.
Silver Episode: Mastered
Clear all unlocked Silver ACT Missions with Rank S.
Nights of Kronos
Unlock the complete ending to the last hidden story.
Legend of Soleanna
Overcome all trials and accomplish a great feat.
Silver Medalist
When you collect all the Silver Medals scattered around Soleanna...
Gold Medalist
When you collect all the Soleanna legendary Gold Medals...
Blue Phantom
Super Sonic Obtain the all moves
Ultimate Life Form
Resurrect the ultimate power from the lost memory
Psychic Soldier
Obtain all the power to save the future world
Soleanna's Hero
Solve all Soleannans' problems
Elite Agent
Complete all the tasks given as agent
Silver The Liberator
Solve all the mystery in Soleanna
Soleanna's blue wind
Solve all the problems swiftly.
Dark Hero
Meet all the requests with magnificent skill.
Silver The Savior.
Reveal all the secrets with your ultimate power.

Sonic the Hedgehog News

Sonic Unleashed Formally Announced
Sonic Unleashed will make use of SEGA’s proprietary "Hedgehog Engine" which is said to utilize new lighting techniques as well as other graphics technology to make the speed of Sonic come to life.

Sega Embraces Cross-Platform Play
RTS Universe at War: Earth Assault has become the first third-party game to support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360 through Games for Windows - Live.

SEGA Rally Revo to Feature Deformable Tracks
SEGA Rally Revo for the Xbox 360 will feature tracks that deform throughout the course of a race, Sega announced in a press release today. The deformed surfaces will have an actual effect on the gameplay.

SEGA Opens The Golden Compass Website
SEGA has today announced the launch of the official The Golden Compass website, where you’ll find all the info you could ever want about the game based on a film, which in turn is based on a fantasy novel.

Sega Joins Unreal Engine 3 Crowd
Sega games powered by Epic Games’ much-praised Unreal Engine 3 will be heading our way soon after the third-party developer joined the growing list of licensees.

Universe at War Coming To Xbox 360
SEGA has announced that its in-development PC RTS Universe at War: Earth Assault is also coming to the Xbox 360. Universe at War is set in a near future which sees multiple enemy factions from across the galaxy come to Earth to wage war.

Sonic : In Game Content
You can now Download the following in game content from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

SEGA Reveals New Golden Compass Details
SEGA has revealed further details on its upcoming video game, The Golden Compass.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Themes and Pictures
The following Sonic the Hedgehog content is now available on Marketplace for all Xbox Live members:

Themes & Pictures: Sonic the Hedgehog
The following ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ content is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for all Xbox Live members.

Sonic The Hedgehog Ships For Xbox 360
SEGA today announced that Sonic The Hedgehog has shipped in North America for the Xbox 360. Celebrating his 15th anniversary this year.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Achievements
The game has 23 achievements with a total score of 1000 points.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Demo
The following Demo is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Twelve Sonic Xbox 360 Images
Sonic returns in fine next-gen form. Check out the pics.

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