Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) by Capcom

Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) by Capcom Box Art

Release Date
February 17, 2009.

Average Overall Score:
9.00 / 10

There is nothing like the days of playing Street Fighter in the local arcade or bowling alley Pumping quarters into the arcade like they were pennies seemed to be just common place. I dropped several $10 rolls into the machine over my youth and to this day I still am no better at Street Fighter games than I was the first time I played it. Then the Street Fighter series hit the home consoles and now you did not have to worry about spending your weekly allowance within a day in order to beat the game."

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Monday, March 3, 2008


The World Warrior
Unlock all characters.
Color Guard
Unlock all Colors.
No Sweat
Unlock all Personal Actions.
Title Master
Collect all Titles.
Icon Master
Collect all Icons.
Special Move Master
Perform 100 Special Moves.
EX-cellent Master
Perform 100 EX Special Moves.
Super Combo Master
Perform 100 Super Combos.
Ultra Combo Master
Perform 100 Ultra Combos.
Focus Master
Perform 100 successful Focus Attacks.
Crowd Pleasing Master
Perform 10 Personal Actions.
Super Combo Champion
Perform 50 Super Combo finishes.
Ultra Combo Champion
Perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes.
Sunny Daze
Perform 365 flashy background finishes.
Simply Perfect
Achieve 10 Perfect victories.
Arcade Rat
Clear Arcade Mode with 1 character on Medium or higher difficulty.
Storied Reputation
Clear Arcade Mode with all characters on Medium or higher difficulty.
Save Your Quarters
Clear Arcade Mode without using a single continue on Medium or higher difficulty.
World Champion
Clear Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty.
Legendary Champion
Defeat Gouken and clear Arcade Mode in Hardest difficulty.
Clear a Challenge in Challenge Mode.
Challenge Expert
Clear all Challenges in Challenge Mode.
The Gold Standard
Earn gold medals in all challenges.
Rapid Fighter
Clear NORMAL Time Attack in Challenge Mode.
Speed King
Clear HARD Time Attack in Challenge Mode.
Tough Cookie
Clear NORMAL Survival in Challenge Mode.
Last Man Standing
Clear HARD Survival in Challenge Mode.
Technical Fighter
Clear NORMAL Trial in Challenge Mode.
No Challenge Too Hard
Clear HARD Trial in Challenge Mode.
All Dolled Up
Set your Title and Icon.
Medals Get!
Collect all Medal types.
Medal Collector
Collect 100 Medals.
Medal Hunter
Collect 500 Medals.
Medal Master
Collect 1,000 Medals.
Create 10 multiplayer lobbies.
Taking On All Comers
Fight 10 opponents via fight requests.
The Road to Battle
Play 100 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
Hard Fought Battles
Play 200 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
Proof of Battle
Play 500 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
Way of the Fist
Win 5 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
The Journey Begins
Win 10 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
10 Years Too Early
Win 50 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
10 Years Too Late
Win 100 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)
First Victory
Win 1 ranked match.
The Line Starts Here
Win 3 ranked matches in a row.
I Got Next!
Win 5 ranked matches in a row.
Playing To Win!
Win 10 ranked matches in a row.
Unbeatable Fist
Ruler of All

Street Fighter IV News

Phil Spencer comments on Street Fighter V exclusivity on PS4
In a year that has seen some pretty earth-shaking exclusivity deals on both sides, Street Fighter V is one of the biggest, and impossible to ignore given it’s predecessors’ multi-plat status. The Head of Xbox has commented and plans to make amends.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will offer Edition Select Mode
If you’re a Street Fighter purist who say, doesn’t like some of the changes made to your favorite fighter during any of the revisions made to SF4 over the years, you’ll be pleased to learn you’ll be able to pick your favorite version in USF4.

Super Street Fighter IV for Spring 2010
Capcom has announced Super Street Fighter IV, a standalone expansion to this year’s fighter that’s to introduce around ten new characters as well as numerous gameplay tweaks.

Capcom Ships 2 Million Street Fighter IV Copies
Capcom has shipped two million copies of Street Fighter IV worldwide in line with its global release.

Street Fighter IV Sells Out in Japan
All copies of Street Fighter IV have sold out in Japan within the game’s first day of launch.

Capcom Appoints Ex-Midway Marketer
Capcom Entertainment has recruited a former Midway marketing exec as VP of marketing, as the company prepares for high-profile 2009 launches including Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5.

Street Fighter IV’s Western Date
Capcom has finally revealed Western release dates for Street Fighter IV on consoles.

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