Lost: Via Domus (Xbox 360) by Ubi Soft Entertainment

Lost: Via Domus (Xbox 360) by Ubi Soft Entertainment Box Art

Release Date
February 26, 2008.

Average Overall Score:
7.15 / 10

Lost is a huge primetime TV fan favorite, and Ubisoft has decided to bring you its version of the show in Lost: Via Domus. You?ll play as a photojournalist headed back to the US on Oceanic Flight 815."

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Monday, March 10, 2008


Crash survivor
Complete Episode 1
Locate the cockpit
Complete Episode 2
Via Domus
Complete Episode 3
Into the hatch
Complete Episode 4
Behind the wall
Complete Episode 5
Through the Flame
Complete Episode 6
The way home
Finish the game
Discover all the memories in Flashback 1
Sweet memory
Discover all the memories in Flashback 2
Behind the glass
Discover all the memories in Flashback 3
Identity crisis
Discover all the memories in Flashback 4
Discover all the memories in Flashback 5
Whatever it takes
Discover all the memories in Flashback 6
Slave (Secret Achievement)
Photograph skeleton in Black Rock
A Turn of the Screw (Secret Achievement)
Photograph A Turn of the Screw
4 8 15 16 23 42 (Secret Achievement)
Photograph numbers on sealed hatch
Dharma Ride (Secret Achievement)
Photograph Dharma van
Mapping the Island (Secret Achievement)
Photograph: 1- Blast door map 2- Blast door map for the hidden entrance 3- Sayid's cable map
Castaways' Treasures (Secret Achievement)
Photograph: 1- Kate's plane 2- Charlie's guitar 3- Locke's wheelchair
Hero's hero (Secret Achievement)
Save Jack
Radzinsky (Secret Achievement)
Photograph bloodstain on the Swan ceiling
Pearl Station (Secret Achievement)
Photograph Pearl Station emblem
Medical Station (Secret Achievement)
Photograph Medical Station emblem
Beam of light (Secret Achievement)
Photograph beam of light coming from the hatch
Button pusher (Secret Achievement)
Enter the numbers
Blackmailer (Secret Achievement)
Convince Locke to help
Save the castaways (Secret Achievement)
Prevent the fuel leak from igniting
Boom boom (Secret Achievement)
Open the secret door
Showdown (Secret Achievement)
Successfully confront Beady Eyes
Desmond's Past (Secret Achievement)
Photograph: Kelvin's jump suit Medical cabinet with vaccines Desmond's mural

User Reviews

Score: 72
Overall User Average: 7.50 / 10 (71.5%)
Gameplay User Average: 7.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 7.80 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.00 / 10
Date reviewed: May 19, 2008.

Overall: For the many viewers that find themselves Lost on CBS Thursday evenings will enjoy getting a look at things from a different Character and not just a viewer. You will find yourself as a survivor of flight 815 that's lost his memory upon crashing leaving you w. the cast many have come to bond with on Lost. Jack, Jin & Sun, Locke, Kate, Hurley and the one people love to hate Sawyer. I was hoping for a bit more in the game but couldn't really explore as you were very limited by the surrounding / game. the puzzles can present a little challenge and figuring out the right angle to take the photos to recover your memory can take a couple of shots sometimes.
this will be a title for he casual game but hardcore gamers won't find this to be much of a challenge nor something able to keep there interest w.out being able to fully explore the Island for it's myseries and secrets.
Gameplay: In Lost the Gameplay is pretty basic and nothing overboard. Walking and running the beach and Jungle picking up Items to trade w/ the other survivors. Engageing in conversation w/ Everyone to help progress yourself is key in the game and provide the hint/objective that you need to take care of.
There are some semi basic puzzles, circuit boards, that you'll need to complete to get through a couple of areas. also as you slowly start to recover your memory you will have a flashback in which you have to snap a picture in a particular position/way to be able to replay that memory and have it come back. Also as you explore the beach, jungle, hatch etc there will be Items of interest to take Photos of.

There are though a couple of times in the game it kinda leaves you hanging as to what you need to do or what direction to head in but besides that it's good game to enjoy as a Lost Fan. What's the Black smoke..??? Why is there a Hatch in the Jungle..??? is that a monster or what..???
Graphics: I thought the visuals were done pretty good but could've been better. Not to mention the enviroment is real restrictive in where you can go and explore, but is to be expected on any games based off a Series/Movies etc. Making your way through the jungle you'll see a nice variety of tree's and not alot of repetition w. some good gr@!%#*!/folliage. In exploring the Caves and the Hatch they did a decent job on textures ad lighting but was expecting a little more I guess from being a Lost fan.

As you progress in the game you'll notice that each episode/chapter ends and begins very similar to the show and even does a recap of the previous episode. I thought that was one thing that was pretty cool and a little different. when you have the Cinematic parts that come into play i was hoping for some cool footage but nothing of the sort, just the same characters you see onscreen but a little more crisp.
Sound: the Audio didn't draw me into the game like I thought it would. As the engines were roaring from the crash and the ocean crashing in as you hear the devistation. There are a decent amount of effects going on as you find yourself on the beach and in the jungles. Birds chirping, misc bug noises, fire crackling etc but just didn't get "Lost" as I would have liked.

Overall: 75 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 78 %
Sound: 80 %

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