LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Xbox 360) by LucasArts

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Xbox 360) by LucasArts Box Art

Xbox One backwards Compatible

Release Date
June 3, 2008.

Average Overall Score:
8.55 / 10

Traveller?s Tales brings us another installment of the beloved LEGO series only this time its themed using the Indiana Jones Trilogy. Once again the geniuses writing the storyline do an outstanding job of not only capturing the main plot of the film and famous scenes, but manage to include their own humor intertwined."

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Monday, June 9, 2008
Monday, May 12, 2008


This... this is history...
Collect all artefacts.
Your mail is on your desk.
Post all parcels.
Fortune & glory kid.
Complete the game to 100%.
You chose... wisely.
Unlock all of the available characters.
You will become a true believer.
Use a Thuggee Statue 20 times.
Bad dates!
Give 20 bananas to monkeys.
What a cautious fellow I am.
Destroy 50 objects with a bazooka or other explosive device.
You call this archaeology?
Use a scholar character's academic ability 50 times.
The best digger in Cairo.
Uncover 50 pieces of buried treasures using the excavation ability.
Trouble with her is the noise.
Destroy 50 objects or characters using the scream and super scream ability.
Start the engines, Jock!
Use a mechanic character's repair ability 50 times.
How we say goodbye in Germany.
Access restricted enemy locations 50 times.
There is nothing to fear here.
Complete the "The Lost Temple" level in Story Mode.
It’s important Marion, trust me.
Complete the "Into the Mountains" level in Story Mode.
Why did it have to be snakes?
Complete the "The Well of Souls" level in Story Mode.
I’m making this up as I go along
Complete the "Pursing the Ark" level in Story Mode.
Keep your eyes shut!
Complete the "Opening the Ark" level in Story Mode.
Short Round, step on it!
Complete the "Shanghai Showdown" level in Story Mode.
I had bugs for lunch!
Complete the "Pankot Secrets" level in Story Mode.
Kali Ma will rule the world!
Complete the "Kali's Temple" level in Story Mode.
Quit fooling around.
Complete the "Free The Slaves" level in Story Mode.
Take the left tunnel!
Complete the "Escape the Mines" level in Story Mode.
Prepare to meet Kali!
Complete the "Battle on the Bridge" level in Story Mode.
X marks the spot!
Complete the "The Hunt for Sir Richard" level in Story Mode.
DON'T call me Junior!
Complete the "Castle Rescue" level in Story Mode.
We’re not going in the boat?
Complete the "Motorcycle Escape" level in Story Mode
No ticket.
Complete the "Trouble in the Sky" level in Story Mode.
They’re well out of range dad.
Complete the "Desert Ambush" level in Story Mode.
He chose... poorly.
Complete the "Temple of the Grail" level in Story Mode.
I hate these guys.
Destroy 200 bad guys.
It's not the years honey...
Complete any level with out dying, without invincibility.
How dare you kiss me!
Use your whip to kiss Marion, Willie and Elsa.
Oh it breaks the heart.
Oh it breaks the heart.
That belongs in a museum! (Secret Achievement)
Complete the "Young Indy" level in Story Mode.
Nice try, Lao Che! (Secret Achievement)
Destroy Lao Che with Indy.
Goodbye Dr. Jones. (Secret Achievement)
Destroy Indy with Lao Che.
I step on fortune cookie! (Secret Achievement)
Destroy 50 creepy-crawlies.
He no nuts. He's crazy!! (Secret Achievement)
Smash 250 LEGO objects.
Hey! You call him Dr. Jones! (Secret Achievement)
Create and name a custom build character.
That’s for blasphemy! (Secret Achievement)
Destroy Indy with Jones Snr.
Show a little backbone will ya? (Secret Achievement)
Destroy 100 snakes
Blow it up! (Secret Achievement)
Blow up 5 enemies with 1 explosion.
We go for a ride. (Secret Achievement)
Perform 250 whip swings in the game.
A source of unspeakable power! (Secret Achievement)
Build 250 LEGO objects.
Throw me the idol. (Secret Achievement)
Perform 150 whip grabs in the game.
Got lost in his own museum. (Secret Achievement)
Unlock secret area in the museum.
Where Forrestal cashed in. (Secret Achievement)
Collect 1,000,000 studs in the Ancient City Level.
I can't believe what you did! (Secret Achievement)
Disarm 100 enemies with the whip.
You cheat very big! (Secret Achievement)
Unlock all extras.

User Reviews

Score: 86
Overall User Average: 8.50 / 10 (85.5%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 7.00 / 10
Date reviewed: June 10, 2008.

Overall: I put in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, anticipating the same fun and humor I found in the Lego Star Wars games. I was not let down. The layout is similar enough to feel comfortable with the controls and movements, but they packed in lots of surprises so it didn't feel like deja vu. I would have to say my favorite part about it is the more complicated puzzles, and teamwork you have to complete to get through some of the levels. They really did alot with the various characters and their abilities. Great game! Give it a try!

Overall: 85 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures News

LucasArts has delivered! Monkey Island!
Today the company announced a new initiative in its effort to revive its classic and beloved franchises by making its games available for the first time ever as digital downloads online.

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