Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (Xbox 360) by Activision

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (Xbox 360) by Activision Box Art

Release Date
October 16, 2011.

Average Overall Score:
9.00 / 10

Since the birth of my son, I?ve since have had aspirations of one day playing various video games with him. I figured that I had the right mix; I owned a video game site and a strong passion for playing the games themselves."

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Friday, June 10, 2011


Collect 10 Story Scrolls. (primary profile)
Call Me Fireman!
Beat Kaos' Evil minions in Lava Lakes Railway with only Gill Grunt's Power Hose. (primary profile)
Can't stop me!
Complete 3 Challenge levels. (primary profile)
Chompy Chopper
Defeat 15 Chompies in the Shattered Island level. (primary profile)
Climb to the Top
Level up any one Skylander to level 10. (primary profile)
Dancing Fire
Complete the Lava Lakes Railway level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
Dodge Ball
In Falling Forest, beat Evil Ent while more than 5 of his seeds are on the field. (primary profile)
Fashion Elite
Collect 10 Hats. (primary profile)
Fashion Stylist
Have your Skylander equip a hat for the first time. (primary profile)
Fresh Air
Complete the Stormy Stronghold level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
Get me if you can!
Complete Crystal Eye Castle without being hit by any of the rolling barrels. (primary profile)
Gotta buy them all
Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander. (primary profile)
Happy Hour
Open any treasure chest. (primary profile)
Hello!! Skylander
The first time you put your Skylander on the Portal of Power. (primary profile)
Home Sweet Home
Complete the Shattered Island level. (primary profile)
I love shopping
The first time you purchase an upgrade for your Skylander. (primary profile)
I love smashing!
Destroy all of the rocks in the Molekin Mine level. (primary profile)
Inside Power
Unlock any Elemental Gate. (primary profile)
Leviathan Dentist
Get swallowed by the Leviathan 5 times in the Leviathan Lagoon level. (primary profile)
Light of Life
Complete the Falling Forest level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
Magic Time
Complete the Arkeyan Armory level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
Mine Detector
Complete the Troll Warehouse level without getting injured by the landmines. (primary profile)
Mother Earth
Complete the Stone Town level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
New Challenger
Complete your first challenge level! (primary profile)
No Rocket Fired!
Never use any rocket in the Falling Forest level. (primary profile)
One for All!
Defeat Kaos without swapping Skylanders during the battle. (primary profile)
Perfect Technology
Complete the Battlefield level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
Phew! That was close!
In the Leviathan Lagoon level, dodge 30 sharks without being hit. (primary profile)
Pure Water
Complete the Leviathan Lagoon level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)
Star Chaser
Get 3 stars in any one level. (primary profile)
Tag me if you can!
Avoid being hit by the laser traps during the boss fight in Creepy Citadel. (primary profile)
The Ace Pilot
Defeat 30 enemies while riding the War Machine in the Arkeyan Armory level. (primary profile)
The First Battle
Play and complete any PvP match: win or lose. (primary profile)
The Savior
Complete the adventure mode by finishing the game. (primary profile)
The Spiritual Mentor
Collect 10 Soul Gems. (primary profile)
Collect 10 Legendary Treasures. (primary profile)
True Portal Master
Unlock all other Achievements. (primary profile)
Undead Spirit
Complete the Creepy Citadel level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure News

New Characters Headed to Stores
Warnado, Camo and Wham-Shell, are on their way to major retailers. But have no fear -- all 32 Skylanders characters can join a new cast of characters when Skylanders Giants launches this fall!

New Skylanders Coming!
New Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure characters, Lightning Rod and Zook, along with Sunburn as part of the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack are now available at major retailers.

Skylanders Universe Awaits
Already Pegged A Holiday Hit By Consumers And Industry, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™ Spreads Its Wings At

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