Crysis (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts

Crysis (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts Box Art

Release Date
October 4, 2011.

Average Overall Score:
9.00 / 10

Listen up soldier, we got 30 seconds before your insertion into the warzone and once you're there we can't guarantee successful radio contact so pay attention! All information is on a need to know basis son and all we know right now is that the CIA has sent in a scientific research team to the Lingshan Island, and after their arrival the Koreans have sent in a large militarized force and have taken the research team captive and are apparently very interested in their work and findings. We don't know why they would need to dispatch such manpower to this remote island, or what their interest is in our scientists, but we do know whatever it is, they want it bad."

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A Little Trouble Parking
Discover the fate of the Lusca's Call
Catch This!
Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them
Choke Hold
Kill 20 enemies with grab
Close Encounter
Secure victory in the Battle of Lingshan
Cool In A Crysis
Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty
Crysis Controlled
Complete the game on any difficulty
Delta: Act I
Complete 'Contact', 'Recovery' and 'Relic' on Delta difficulty
Delta: Act II
Complete 'Assault', 'Onslaught' and 'Awakening' on Delta difficulty
Delta: Act III
Complete 'Core', 'Paradise Lost', 'Exodus' and 'Reckoning' on Delta difficulty
Easy Darlin'
Rescue the hostage
Empty Platform
Secure the train station
Enjoy The Fireworks
Destroy the cruiser
Expedition Team
Escort Prophet to safety
Following Orders
Complete 3 Secondary Objectives
Going Underground
Enter the mines
I'm A Marine, Son!
Help the marines evacuate
I'm Coming Home
Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain
It's On Like General Kyong
Defeat General Kyong
Keen Observer
Tag 30 enemies using the binoculars
Knock-off Knockout
Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch
Livin' Up To Your Name
Board the VTOL for extraction
Long Distance Relationship
Kill an enemy 200m away
Marathon Man
Speed sprint 3km
Nano Ninja
Perform 5 consecutive kills without being spotted by an enemy
No Fly Zone
Destroy 5 helicopters
One Careful Owner
Reach the end of 'Onslaught' in the tank you started with
Perfect, Soldier!
Complete all Secondary Objectives
Destroy all AA guns around the harbor
Something For Every Occasion
Use all weapon attachments
Special Forces
Kill 200 enemies
Strickland Would Be Proud
Defeat the flight deck invader
Tank Buster
Destroy 5 enemy tanks
Team Raptor
Kill 400 enemies
This Is My Rifle
Customize a weapon to use all 5 modification points
Very Strange Readings
Infiltrate the excavation site
Weapons Master
Perform a kill with every firearm
Without Question
Complete 6 Secondary Objectives
You Knew, Didn't You?
Regroup with Prophet upriver
You're On Your Own
Proceed to the mining complex
Pick up an animal

Crysis News

Crysis Headed to 360 as Downloadable Title
The PC crasher finally makes it’s debut on consoles, albeit a download title, single player only, and a hefty 1600 MS points. Oh and it releases this October. Excited? We are.

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