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Overall: At first i was a little disappointed because of the hype. I soon saw the game for what it was and it is a very good game.

Gameplay: The game play is great. The collision detection is very good. the moves are really easy to pull off, you just have to figure out when to use them. It plays like real life ,you can't just keep swinging without getting tired. That's why you have the meters. Learn to read them and you will win every time.

Graphics: All i can asy it's the best looking WWF game out there. Although Gampro Mag doesn't think so. What's with those guys anyway. The lights and intro's are off the hook.

Audio: It feels like your at a real match. the crowd sounds pretty wild at times. you really feel like breakin somebody off a little something.

Suggestions: Next time make the blood happen like it was said in the hype. Make more features like steel cage match and ladder matches. Make the create a wrestler a little easier to navigate and have more options to chose from. Make the camera just a little better or adjustable.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: I think the game is really good. At first it seemed a little easy but the 2 player mode is where this game really shines. The graphics are the best i ever seen in a fighting game.
The sound is superb. I think they should have added some bonus characters and this would be the greatest 3D fighter ever made.

Gameplay: As i said anyone can pickup this game and play. In 2 player mode this game takes off. It seems as though you could use the same move over and over but i think not the reverse move are devastating so beware of that. I finaaly got to see the tag mode the other day i had friends over and it really had an impact on them .They use to be real big tekken tag fans. Let's just say that has changed.

Graphics: What can you say about the graphics. They are the best ever put into a 3D fighter. do you the way the colthes flow over the body of the characters and thier movements are so fluid. some of the arenas are really breath taking. the lighting effects are unreal.

Audio: The sound is tremendous. I love when i get someone against the wall and hold them there. The sound is thunderous. It actually feels like you can feel the hits yourself. SWEET!!

Suggestions: I would add more characters. Also some type of finishing move. Make the clothes actually get dirty and torn when they fall. Maybe throw a option to have blood or show some type of facial damage like a black eye or bloody lip.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: NFL Fever may not be the best football sim out there but it is the most fun. It reminds me a little of the old tecmo bowl style of play. The blockers really make you pay the price if you don't pick the right defense. You can keep the realism of Madden. I'll take a fun football game any day. Fever is defenitly a fun game!

Gameplay: I think most of your average game players can pick up NFL Fever and play right away without having to know football. The passing is really easy once you get use to the buttons. The running game is great all you need to do is just follow your blockers. However the AI can be a bit easy, but put the AI on "ALL PRO" and it gets better for you hardcore
football fans.

Graphics: Fever is the very best looking football game ever. I don't know how they can improve upon this. the weather effects are the best that i have ever seen. You actually see the footprints from the players in the snow. The players uniforms get dirty in the rain. It's great!!

Audio: Now the sound could get alot better. I notice on my surround sound that the crowd drowned out the commentary. The play by play was really lame at times. The hits the players take sound great and the trash talk needs to louder.

Suggestions: Next year make the players trash talk a little more. Fix the commentary. Also fix the AI just a little. I found that it likes to blitz way to often and on lower levels you can really burn it. Add a few more animations. Maybe even add some all time great teams. Oh and please make a create a play this would be helpful to many of us. Last of all make it have online play.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: Madden, it's the same old madden. When will you people wake up and realize that it's old. okay, better graphics so what, you still fall when you run into the back of your own players. They still make these one hand grabs on every pass. Rice and other good receivers still catch ball with 5 men around them. But everybody loves Madden. Oh and let's not forget the cheating AI. Madden is not good and hasn't been since 1993. I only give it a three because of the graphics.

Gameplay: Sucks, you fall when you run into the back of your own man. 5 defenders and the receiver still catches the ball. cheating AI, need i say more!

Graphics: Good, but not as pretty as fever. They could have made the grass look like grass. Also they could have made the weather effect more realistic. The teams look pretty good.

Audio: All i can say is average. The players should be heard talking trash a little more. The play by play needs to change some of the commentary.

Suggestions: What, give them ideas so they can beat out NFL Fever. Never!!!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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