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Overall: Every time I start reading through reviews of a sports game on here, I have to sift through a bunch of reviews by idiots saying Sega sucks whatever or Madden blows this or Fever sucks, or whatever. Undying loyalty to a line of sports games seems pretty stupid to me. So, having played bits of pieces of all the football games out there, I went out and bought the Sega one. Overall, I just like 2k3 better than the others. I think Blitz and Microsoft's football have too much of an arcade feel to them. Madden is my 2nd choice of the bunch, and, overall, isn't that much behind 2k3. My biggest problem with it is that it doesn't support Xbox Live. So, in a tie, Sega wins hands down for me.

Gameplay: First of all, I'd like to say that I've read reviews saying that they can't pass or they can't run, or whatever. I have to think these people should stick to Fever and Blitz. If you don't know much about the game of football, you're not going to have much luck with Sega or Madden. Sure, you can crank down the difficulty settings, but if you don't follow your blockers, for example, you're not going to be successful running the ball. If you throw into triple coverage, you should be intercepted, not run it in all the way for the touchdown. Anyway, back to the point of this section, I think gameplay mixes just the right amount of arcade fun into realism.

Graphics: Visually, I think Sega did a good job with this year's football. The player models look good including the faces of the big time players. Even without jerseys, I can pick out most of the bigger name players in the league. The stadiums are all pretty well done, as well and the weather effects are very good. My only real complaint is that it's still not doing what the Xbox is capable of doing. Sega should swear off Sony and write for Microsoft exclusively. If they do, things should get even better.

Audio: Sound never seems to really warrant its own section in my book. The sound seems ok in the game. My biggest complaint is that the announcers will occasionally repeat too many things over and over. Also, the crowd noise drowns them out sometimes when you're trying to hear the sideline reporter give you an injury report. Speaking of announcers, someone should tell Sega that every time a play fails when it's raining, it's NOT ALWAYS the rain's fault. :)

Suggestions: It's nice to see an improvement over last year. How about next year, you skip Sony and make this for Xbox only.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: I was really disappointed in this game all the way through. I REALLY wanted to like this game. It's very irritating that EA decided not to do Xbox live support, and I wanted a good basketball game that would support live. In my opinion, this isn't it. The graphics are average at best, the gameplay isn't too bad, but the camera angles are all terrible. If you zoom in too far, the camera seems to point at the floor and you can't even see the basket, for example. Overall, I was just really disappointed. I liked their 2k1 and 2k2 products, but I feel like they took a step back this year.

Gameplay: I could never get past the camera moving enough to really get a good feel for the gameplay. It seemed fine. I've always liked the way Sega has done basketball games. I really enjoy games that seem like a real pace, not constantly fast breaking back and forth down the floor

Graphics: I was really hoping that this game would look better. I think the models look pretty jagged and the overall feel of the game isn't all that good.

Audio: I didn't see any particular problems with the sound. The crowd sounded pretty good, and the announcers were pretty good as well.

Suggestions: Stick with the good things that you've done in the past. Don't break things that were already good trying to improve them.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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