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Overall: It was supposed to the game where you could do anything. Travel around the world. Stepping on a green leaf has a different effect than stepping on a brown leaf. Well, if you're looking for another Morrowind, this isn't the game. It can be very free, but theres so much restriction. Everything seems to have a defined path, rather than complete freedom. This isn't what the developers advertised it as. Why is it that when I step on a certain color leaf,walk a certain speed, or don't talk to children I see no change in character. This isn't what I was promised. Now, I can't complain about that, because that would be too true to life for the sake of a video game. In fact, I think it would be quite disgusting. Its a good game though. Not that "Best RPG for the Xbox" that we were all expecting. You might as well stick with your KOTOR if you want that.

Gameplay: The gampeplay is ok. Nothing spectacular. It reminds me a lot of the game Enclave. The fighting is in real time and can get frustrating if you are the kind of person who doesn't enjoy the same hack-slash-magic-arrow-more magic type of thing. O well.

Graphics: The graphics are fine. Nothing splendid. Come on people, by this time you should have a game with good voice acting. You've been working on the game since the Xbox came out, yet you can't get voice acting down! UGH!!!!!! I don't know what else to say for this except I'm being generous.

Audio: I'm not a sound geek. I don't know how to judge sound. I have no idea what the specifications are for the game. Sound is sound to me. I don't have 5.1 so I can't judge it based on that.

Suggestions: Voice syncing. EXCESSIVE LOAD TIMES!!! TOO MUCH LOADING!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: Brute Force- the game that had everyone talking before it came out still has the same people talking about it, whether or not its in the same attitude. When I opened the bright green box for the game I had been waiting for for over 2 years, excitement ran through me. I was in bliss for the first few minutes. Wow. what genious. Easy controls. Great multiplayer. Wide variety of weapons, players. What more could one ask for? Well, a few things. For me, if I'm not hooked to a game immediately(and by immediately i usually mean a few levels into it) I'll throw the game down and never look at it again. Brute Force got me hooked in that respect, but it had failed to keep me there asking for more. The plot was good, but the gameplay part was just the same every level. It was compared to Halo before it came out, which probably helped to debase it for me. Yes, every game is repetitive(well, most), but this one seemed to me to be just the same thing over and over again. It was fun, but I ended up not even finishing the thing. Its still sitting in my little pile of games which i don't play. Brute Force: a tragedy

Gameplay: Well, the gameplay is, as I have said before, repetitive. The controls are great. I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft or whatever studios it is that made this game hired Bungie to aid in creating the HUD, reticle and controls. That I would not doubt. The controls are great. They are simple and easy to master. Anyway, back to the gameplay. Simply, it is repetitive. You start off with Tex. Pretty simple. Run around, shoot some people, get more guns, throw some grenades, shoot some more people, etc. In the next few levels you get more teammates. As i recall, then you get Brutus, who is basically the same as tex but can "see" in the dark and is annoying to listen to. Flint's the sniper who can auto-snipe, which really isnt too useful because it didnt always work anyway. You may need 2-3 shots with that which already gives away your position. Hawk is a stealthy with like no life whatsoever and when playing on Brutal she dies pretty fast. the levels all seemed the same to me. They were just either: Run in with tex and shoot people. same with brutus. Run in with hawk all invisible and such and blade people, snipe from a distance, or use a "strategy," which got pretty repetitive also.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good in this game. I mean, they aren't "super" by any means, but they're definitely pretty good. Nothing special. The cut scene's graphics were pretty good, imo. Everything seemed a bit choppy though when you played four player and a lot of 'splosions were happening. But then again, what can you say? you cant help that...for the most part. Im not one to judge graphics to much, as I dont really care. To me, a game is about the gameplay and whether or not it has sufficient multiplayer worthy of massive replayability. Overall, these graphics were good.

Audio: Again, Im not one to judge sound, music, sfx, voice acting or anything of the sort because frankly, i could care less. To me, it doesn't inhibit the gameplay to have bad sound(unless its really, REALLY bad). Overall though, this sound was good. You could see the mouths moving and such and hear the environment around you, hear your gunshots, the people you shoot, etc.
I dont really know how to judge sound so I'll leave it at that

Suggestions: Focus less on advertising, more on developing it. Don't begin comparing it to halo until you are positive it will live up.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: A perfect description of this game is simply mediocre. The graphics are not much better than PC, the controls are easy, and its Counter Strike. I mean, Counter Strike! VALVe did happen to completely revamp all the visuals, but really, it isn't much better. The graphics are mediocre. The buy system isn't that bad, it's just a bit slow, thats all. Overall, this gam is purely OK.

Gameplay: The gameplay is why we all love Counter-Strike, right?! The gameplay is the exact same: Bomb and Hostage game types. There are a few more levels which have been added to the mix, but they're not that special. You still see the majority of people playing the famous levels from the PC: Dust, Dust 2, Prodigy, Aztec, etc. If you do not have live: DO NOT GET THIS GAME! There is no split screen multiplayer(which there should be) and the singlplayer is just a basic training for the XBL play.

Graphics: The graphics are very, as we say, sub-par. You would think that with a game so popular as Counter-Strike, and with VALVe redesigning EVERYTHING, you'd get some better graphics. You don't. The graphics are relatively the same as the were on the PC. Maybe they did it to reduce the lag and to have a better experience with the game. Well, that was partly successful. Overall, these games graphics are very midline.

Audio: I am not a very big judge of sound. I never was. What am I supposed to say about the sound? I'll talk about talking in the microphone. Its pretty important. Yeah, you have the whole "fire in the hole" thing, but other than that there's not much to it. That's why it's so important to use your handy voice communicator. You can tell your team where you are, they can tell you where the bomb is, you can tell them a strategy, etc. This piece of plastic goodness will help improve your online gameplay if you happen to use it.

Suggestions: The graphics are really, really not that great. We would like our DLC, and we know we'll get it, so who's complaining. Overall, you made a pretty good game. IMO, it doesn't stand with the PC version because I think the Keyboard/Mouse thing is very useful.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Overall: Wow, I just rented this game and it It has some of the more beautiful graphics of any game I've seen so far, it has easy controls, a great single player, both plot-wise and fun-wise, and it has a great multiplayer option, with xbox live

Gameplay: What really stands out in this game is the xbox live play. Its completely brilliant. Other than the xbox live play; however, there is a great single player. It is very fun. It also has a great story line. but, I consider the single player to be of a preparation for the xbox live play. The controls are really simple to get used to, but to master, they are pretty hard, as you have to figure out all those special combinations for doing special moves and such.

Graphics: The graphics are absolutely amazing in this game. The character models are great. The cut scenes are absolutely brilliant and very well stylized. Its great to float down near the water and see the tiny droplets or water splash onto your screen. Reminds me of Vice City, but better.

Audio: The sound is also great. Im not really a man who distinguishes great sound in video games, but, the music is good and represents the era(1930s) well. But, I give it a 4.5 because I think that every game should use custom soundtracks. After all, isn't that one of the many things that sets the xbox apart from the ps2?

Suggestions: I can't really think of any other than add custom soundtracks. Everything is great, how a game should be made. Make a second one, I already have my hopes up!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Kabuki Warriors

Overall: Wow. This game is one of the worst games of all time, if not the worst. The developers of this game either worked really hard to get this game this bad or so carelessly. This game tries so hard to be what other great fighting games, like DOA or Soul Caliber are. But, it mixes in all the wrong elements.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is horrendous. All you do in this game is use your stupid little samurai sword. I mean, Im a fan of samurai swords, but come on, this game makes me want to puke.

Graphics: Please don't get me started on this game's horrid graphics. They plain suck. The blood is kinda just like a poof of red coming up from out of you when you get hit. The character models are all the same, give or take, and the level design, as well as everything else, is just bland and generic, something we're all way to sick of. COME ON! This game was made for the xbox, not the dreamcast, or N64/=. It sickens me.

Audio: Wow the games sounds are all the same. Its so bad. Its like a repetition of the same sound, over and over again. After 2 minutes it makes you want to take your controller and throw it at your xbox

Suggestions: Yeah, stay away from game development, its obviously not your thing. Try baseball, boxing, scuba diving, or maybe even gymnastics, but leave the gaming business.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: This game is very fun. It reminds me of another game though. Huh, wonder why. Okay, so in general, this game is relatively good. The XBL play is really fun, not as fun as some other games but still really fun. The sound is really realistic(and kind of insane in that respect)

Gameplay: The game's gameplay is really good. It works like any other RS game or Tom Clancy game, covertness is key and little shooting, unless absolutely necessary, unless you're playing XBL. The XBL is great for this game, as it was kinda made just for XBL, in a sense. Overall, the gameplay is really fun.

Graphics: The graphics are...meh. Ubi soft has improved a little on the original Ghost, but still, its not top notch like it should be, like RS3, and all those other awesome Ubi Soft Tom Clancy games.

Audio: The sound in the game is great. Like any other Tom Clancy game, the sounds are really realistic and you hear pretty much everything. Its really good

Suggestions: Improve on the graphics just a bit. The Tom Clancy games are great, we want more!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: Yep this game is pure greatness. Ive had this game since, about, launch time and I still play it all the time. The XBL of the game is awesome. The graphics are amazing. The controls are easy. What more can you ask for.

Gameplay: First and foremost: I love this game. It has a pretty good single player. I say that because it takes almost no time to beat it. The multiplayer is its shining point though. The XBL for this game is great. Especially, in my opinion, Stayaway, a great game about catching a rabbit. You should buy this game, even if you're not such a big fan of the racing genre, it will be great for you.

Graphics: The graphics are, as Tony the Tiger would say, Grrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaat! I love these graphics. They're beautiful. You have very detailed city environments of both Paris and Washington and great designs.

Audio: This game has what too few games have and what more need: custom soundtracks. What's up with the game developers not adding that. I think all games need it. Anyway, this game allows for a wide variety of music, whatever floats your boat, as they say.

Suggestions: Make a Midtown Madness 4. Its a great game, and I know what I'm about to say has been said a lot, but its true. Please add more cities. It'd be ok if you didn't, because the game is great. But, if you have the chance, it would be wise

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: One of the Best games for the xbox so far, period. It has a short single player game (which isn't helpful at all for XBL, unless you want the 2 mechs) which teaches you the basics and gets you started. Multiplayer is addicting, with XBL or no XBL. I had this game since late november and just got XBL days ago. Surprisingly, "Grinder"(a multiplayer setting) kept me busy trying to get relatively good at most of the mechs for the XBL play

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. There are great controls. I would more recommend this to people with XBL, however. Even if you don't have XBL, this game is great

Graphics: The graphics are excellent. Its great to see a building blow up and land on your opponents head. Once again, the visuals for this game are outstanding.

Audio: The sound, like everything else in the game is excellent. It plays a sort of heavy-metalesque music playing when you get into a conflict with a mech. The sound for the guns are also really good. Each gun has a different unique sound so you can recognize how dangerous or weak it is from anywhere.

Suggestions: More DLC!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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