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Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Wow, when XBOX came out I got Gamecube instead. This was because Nintendo rules, but also because the only release game for XBOX that looked a little worth while was Halo. So... I wasn't about to shell out 300 bucks on XBOX jsut for this one game. I regret that now. This game is easily one of the best! It may even be better than Perfect Dark. I never find myself bored of playing this game, and it's even more fun once you put it on co-op. If you don't have this game, get it. NOW!

Gameplay: Straight off, the controls are horrid. They're very horrid. Some reviewers give the game bad reviews because of that. However, you can change the controls so easily, and that makes the controls perfect (like Perfect Dark, Agent Under Fire, etc.). Once you change the controls this game has got amazing controls. For any who need a good setting, use Legacy and Greenthumb.

Graphics: Graphics are another spot for Halo. How often do you see a release title that pushes what we know as the best graphics? Not too often. Halo has truly amazing graphics that will keep you in awe. While basically looking at the same gun through the whole game can get a little tiring, you don't even really notice it after awhile.

Audio: The game has good sounds, you can tell what's happening. You'll never get tired of hearing the little Covenant guys screaming "GET IT OFF ME, GET IT OFF ME!" When you throw a plasma grenade and it sticks to them. The voices seem to really relate to Half-Life, but overall, the sound is good. Music, on the other hand is a completely different story. Halo's soundtrack is godly. While the multiplayer and some parts of missions need music, when there is music it's absolutely amazing.

Suggestions: Make a Halo 2. NOW! Oh wait, you alredy are :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: Metal Gear Solid revolutionized gaming when it was released for PSX. An avid hater of ps2, i refused to buy mgs2: sons of liberty, so when i heard about substance on xbox, i got really happy. i have played both versions, and the xbox version is easily better. the controls hold better and the graphics are better. this game has got a great story, better graphics, and a very movielike feel, making cinemas very enjoyable.

Gameplay: MGS2: Substance hosts a great story which unfolds more and more around every corner you turn (LITERALLY!). Because of this, you don't spend endless hours wandering around with no goal to keep you pushing. Also, the controls hold really well, especially with xbox's good controller, compared to sony's bad one.

Graphics: The graphics definately aren't Splinter Cell or Resident Evil (Gamecube), but it IS a ps2 port, so it has to have some slack (since ps2 isn't near as powerful as gc or xb). For a port from ps2 though, the game did really well i think. All of the main characters have good detail to them and are unique and original (snake, raiden, vamp, fortune, etc). Overall, the game has good graphics and is shot from a good camera angle. The first person mode is also really neat in that it solves many of the shooting problems from mgs 1 on psx.

Audio: The reason I gave sound a 3.5 is because I'm comparing it with mgs 1's soundtrack, which was absolutely amazing. I think personally that reusing the sounds from mgs keep an original feel that mgs fans appreciate, and that it's a good idea. I think they should have used the same base for the song when you get caught rather than the techno thing, but whatever floats their boat i suppose.

Suggestions: Keep the music more like that of Metal Gear Solid. Other than that, the game is pretty much perfect.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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