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Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes

Overall: Excellent in my opinion for what it is: A hack n' slash action game. Co-op play is what this game is made for and it does it well. Graphicssound, and control are for the most part, up to par. If you like Hunter TR, or Baldur's Gate: DA, this game will most surely satisfy you for 15 hours or so (That IS one of my gripes, a little on the short side).

Gameplay: Gameplay and control is spot on. I used a rouge whose specialty is arrows. In Baldur's Gate, the projectile weapon aiming was a little tricky. D&D does this much better (ie - intuitive and easy). All items are picked up by simple walking over them, no pick up button. Also, all levers and chests are handled the same way. For this type of game, this makes sense. "Run around, get the booty, frag another dozen orcs".

Graphics: Visuals are a mixed bag. For most of the game, they're very good. Environments look very nice for the most part. And of course, the water is amazing. The largest improvement D&D offers over Baldur's is the ability to zoom in to the action on the fly. And, the textures and character models hold up very nicely when doing so. Camera control in this game is EXCELLENT. One VERY nice detail I liked was that the rouges arrows actually stick and stay wherever they land. Be it an adversary, or a wall. It's quite satisfying peppering an orc with arrows and turning him into a pin cushin. The graphics reeeeaaaally break down tho in several cutscenes. Scenes like when at a store buying potions and such, the character models are far below PS2 standards. Not sure what happened there. Luckily, these scenes are a small part of the game.

Audio: Sound was good, but not GREAT. Spells and arrows do sound nice. Explosions are impressive. Some of the dialog is a bit thin tho. Definitely nothing to write home about.

Suggestions: 1) Let multiple people edit inventory/shop at the same time a-la Baldur's. It gets painful watching other people sift through their booty at times.

2) NPC cut scene characters... Spend a couple more minutes on this guys. They're Baaaad.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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