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Turok: Evolution

Overall: I bought a Xbox to play shooters from my couch and since HALO and Max Payne there has been nothing. James Bond was really bad IMO. Untill now. As far as a FPS shooters go this game has it all. Tons of guns, blood, large levels. Many of the guns explosive type effects are exellent surpassing that of HALO's easily. Controls are very easy to handle as well. This game is not amazing IMO but it definetly fills a void for my Xbox gaming needs till XBL appears.

Gameplay: Fans of HALO will need about 10 seconds to learn the controls. The controls for this game are exellent. I did feel the aiming was a little off comapred to HALO's but its top notch none the less. There is auto aim as well but I have not tried it. There has been no need :^)

Graphics: Visually is where this game lacks. Graphics wise this game just does not meet my expectations for the Xbox. Water is horrible. Most of the terrain is very blocky appearing and the trees and shrubs look awfull up close. I would have liked better texturing as well. There is great gore though in the game though which I really like lol. When you pop a baddie in the head blood shoots out of there neck all over the place. Equally enjoyable is using the poison arrow and wathcing the baddies vomit while they die.

Audio: While the sounds themselfs are average to good this game is great in Dobly Digital and at times the music really draws you in.

Suggestions: An Xbox only version to use the muscle Xbox owners paid for + the addtition of XBL or altleast LAN play would make this game a real hit.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: This game is outright fun. I am not much of a fan of the T.V. show but after watching some gameplay vids I decided to give it a try. Walking around beating on Vamps and other monsters is hella fun. This game is the total package with good graphics, great sound, and awsome gameplay controls. Fans of the show I'm sure will definetly enjoy it.

Gameplay: The gameplay itself is incredibly easy. Buffy is so easy to control and she is incredible intuitive. If you have a enemy in front and behind of you, all you need to do is point the stick towards which enemy you wish to attack and she'll land a blow. Otherwise she always takes on the greatest threat if just wanna button mash. DOA3 players will also enjoy the many special moves and combos buffy can unleash. Theres nothing more satisfying than tossing a enemy onto a spiked fence or some other protruding object in the gameworld for a instant kill. It takes no more that 5-10 minutes to be at home with controls. I didn't even read the book.

Graphics: Visually this game is so-so. The levels are huge and detailed. The lighting is very well done along with smoke effects and such. All the characters look like there real life counterparts as well. It's a little dark though and found myself needing the lights turned down or off to best enjoy it. I do expect more oughta a Xbox game though.

Audio: Sound is top notch. The music always matches whats going on in the game and really helps set the scene allowing for great emersion while playing. Almost all the characters did there own voices ( except Buffy )but Buffy's voice is pretty close. There is lotsa comedic commentary through out the game making it very funny at times. The voice acting itself is average to good.

Suggestions: Graphics really could have been better. What's with all the invisible walls ? I wanna jump on the lockers and in the fountain etc. There's ledges clearly low enough to jump but it won't me why ? Loose all the invisble walls and let me go any where and interact with everything in the environment. I hate games that make a sink and not let you turn on the water haha.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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