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Burnout 3: Takedown

Overall: If you've played any of the other Burnout games, Takedown is no disappointment. I have to be honest that I wasn't too sure about getting it but a quick 'pick up & play' in the store sealed the deal. It's faster, more frantic and a helluva lot more fun.

Gameplay: It looks like an arcade racer and it plays like one, which is good. I don't like games that portray themselves as some sort of simulation but still lets you bounce off walls. The handling of the car is really simple and making a good drift is childs play; simply tap the break whilst cornering and away you go.

As for the modes of play, there's 100 Crash levels (my favourite) as well as 1v1s, Races, GPs and pure mayhem in the Road Rage races. New to this version is aftertouch, which is highly gimmicky but something that takes true mastering. When you crash you enter a Matrix style slow-mo deal. In this you can now control your car to, in a race situation, crash into your fellow racers. In crash mode it can help you get more bonuses or even hit more traffic. It may sound easy but trust me, its something that takes a while to get the hang of. As well as this, you then have 3 different type of takedowns (i.e. making your opponent crash). Normal takedown which is just making hit something like a wall or bus etc. Signature Takedown, many levels have special things to them like an over the top railway, crash a foe into one of the beams supporting, hello signature! Finally there's the aftertouch takedowns mentioned ealier.

As for X-Box live, well, here's a game that could put PGR2 perminentley on my shelf. With the ability to team up on the crash levels, have a team crash as well as the bog standard racing. So far I've only dabbled on double-teaming the crash levels but even that was loads of fun.

Graphics: Well what can I say but gorgeous?! The levels a nicely detailed with nice touches ranging from ads for upcoming EA games to bits of wood hanging around in back alleys. However, the biggest eye popper are the crashes, here, Burnout 3 rules the roost.

In slow-mo, you can see how mashed your car can get and with the most realistic crash physics I've ever seen it's a spine tingling thing to see. From watching bonnets cave in to cargo of trucks fly everywhere this really is a sight to see and is possibly the greatest reason for buying the game.

Audio: Soundwise it's nothing special. From your average car noises to the sound of NoS burning away it can sound a little like NFS: Underground at times. However the soundtrack, as always, suits the game and so brings this up a notch or two. This coupled with the crash sounds gives it the score.

Suggestions: There are only two things I could think of changing. One is car sounds. They sound too generic for each type of car. For example, the Tuned Muscle sounds the same as Assassin Muscle. While it is nit-picking its something that could be improved. Finally, seeing behind you when in aftertouch mode is a little bit of a hassle, perhaps utilising the right-analog stick could help with this.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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