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Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: A fun game, probably the second best 'full game' released this year (after PGR 2 - and I'm no racing fan); full game only denoted 'cause Morrowind x-pack is the best gaming buy ever. Ah. The first game was amazing. Rediculously good in every aspect; graphics, open and varied environments, massive amounts of quality content... I have massive respect for the developer bringing creation down to a science - I've read a couple of this guy's articles on a game dev website and he gets it (or got it?). This game is probably more fun if you played the first, since you are seeing the results of your first game. Otherwise, gameplay was downplayed. Skills were removed, taking away a large portion of the rpg and customizibility aspect (I liked that it took me few multi-tools to open stuff, that my sniper shots were steady, and that my ultra-upgraded pistol was rediculously accurate). Augmentations were left, but even while offering some new features (like going inside robots) it seemed less of a system. For example, my last character found a augmentation canister (in the last one it wasn't a one type fits all system, but found a specific canister like one would find a specific spell or weapon in another rpg-ish game) that allowed a few options. I chose the one that lessened the mana or 'energy' cost of stuff, and then maxed it out with upgrades. It was pretty sweet putting that on, then being able to leave like an armor augmentation or regeneration or invisibility or speed augmentation on for long lengths of time. Heck, i was focused on melee too, and did an extra mission/quest type thing to get a glowing dragon something sword that I had fun with the whole game. It was interesting switching locale's, hearing different people suggest different paths, and choosing your own actions for yourself. This game lost much of that, as you can switch among the factions for most of the game (though arguably this is on purpose: play the game to find out why..), and there is not enough interaction through intercom or anything to get to know characters as one may have Tracer Tong (reappearance in this game) or Daedalus in the last game. It is just easy to tell that the environments are much smaller and the duration of the game shorter (by far - first game massive). Now, after the negative, you can hear the positive. I did say this is the 2nd best title, correct? For xbox, this game is amazing (there is nothing that could come close to rivaling the original on xbox, and don't argue till you've played it; I've given it to kids who hate shooters, kids who hate rpgs, kids who hate computer games or games alltogether... not one has said anything short of amazing). The graphics, as I will discuss, are possibly the games failing point and strength, as I think their high quality (along with the intensity of the physics system) took attention and time away from content and level size (xbox probly couldn't handle those graphics with same magnitude as first). I DO NOT MEAN TO CLAIM THIS GAME SHORT, TINY, OR A RENTAL. It is long by any means on the xbox, and there are so many ways (even with the lesser content) to do things that it makes it worthwile - probably one of your favorite games after beating so would want to keep for collectors purposes anyway (if you're like that). The augmentations do allow multiple strengths and weaknesses, and provide multiple ways to look at things, do things and succeed in the game. As do weapons, though with a two upgrade limit, not as much as in the first game (that I made a tricked out beginner pistol in, cause pistol ammo was common). Try it first if you want, but the story is great too - read a fansite to catch up if you want. It is greatly shooter-ish now, except that you can choose which abilities to activate or to talk to people... in other words, similar to unreal champs or halo, except you can walk up to the computer terminals, soda machines, shop owners, or beer cans and pick them up, talk to them, use them, hack them, or smash them. You find goodies hidden all over levels (like an extravagant customized weapon locked up in a locker that can either be picked or blown up with mines or grenades or find a keycode to it...). Despite some of its fall from heaven (or not far south of it), it is still amazing - an angel instead of St. Peter himself. Get it. I give it a four-five cause it is compared to other xbox games (not a PC fan for last 3 years mind you, only xbox, just saying this cause the first game is possibly the best ever made, or one of them).

Gameplay: I think I may have included that in the above section, but I will review and say some new stuff. I will use Halo again because everyone who uses this site has played it before. This is Halo, minus the cliched Master Chief, who is replaced by a main character of your chosen name and appearance and play style. This is Halo with the addition of the interaction of most objects, and the ability to roam the streets as your hero and ask questions, explore, throw boxes and plates and explosive crates... Join factions, select and upgrade special abilities, select which weapons to pick up and upgrade with your choice of add-ons (silencer, ammo use reducer, damage enhancer, spreadfire, extra range, emp damage, and glass destabilizer). Very cool environments still, characters, story, ... I feel like playing now. The physics are cool, along with the many different ways to do things (with different rewards).

Graphics: Excellent; little dark for me perhaps, but brighter than the likes of morrowind, (far brighter) than hunter the reconing, unreal champs or ghost recon or... okay so its not too dark, but i like lotsa lights - hell that most of the reason i like shenmue 2. Great graphics, though pushes the xbox maybe a bit too far - not really too noticible, but framerate round 30, and well... again you don't really notice. Dynamic lighting is cool - shoot a hanging lamp and watch it sway and play shadows across the other objects...

Audio: Good. If I notice nothing negative about the sound then its good - doesn't get old, annoying, or in the way. All voice overs, so this is a heavy bonus. Only not perfect cause, out of everything, i believe halo was the most revolutionary in that the music could often pump up or greatly enhance the action, not just slightly supplement it.

Suggestions: 'Get back to where you once belonged...' Uhm. Whats up with making the player feel like he's got choices and keeping him in the game and making him feel like his play is unique? Could've sworn that was your motto when I last checked on you, so whats up with lessening gameplay customization and duration for graphics? I was looking forward to a further enhanced deus ex ever since i finished the first years ago, and have been following the progress of this since then. I would be extremely happy with a rerelease of Deus Ex for xbox - you don't even hafta jazz up the graphics, just get some people to mess around with the level editor for half the amount of time you spent on this game, and I'd pay more for it (just add on that stuff). Please, I cannot wait for as long as it took to make this game again - you guys should move on to another title or character set if you must just to push out a quality game that values the play over the graphics (otherwise games like Age of Wonders would never have been popular). This very much reminds me of the only real innovative mmorpg i played (don't play em anymore) called asheron's call. Great system and complexity, and they release the second game with improved graphics (very, very good) but simplified gameplay, taking out much of what people liked in the first place. This sounds very much like DE2. Sorry

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: A racing game that finally sims in the best way possible; just the right amount of accuracy to maintain but not smother its fun factor. I purchased a wheel for this game. I never liked racing games, too repetitive. I like this game. I always drive inside the vehicle, and as soon as I began a track I could tell whether I was driving a FWD, RWD or AWD auto. Its not like many similar racers where the best cars go faster, accelerate better and turn more accurately; each car has a unique feel, lending to the impression of accuracy, to make you think that it is an accurate representation of what it would be like to be in, say, an audi RS6 (avant for some reason in this game).

Gameplay: Fun. Takes while to learn when to brake, how to use powerslides or do perfect turns, to learn the car you're driving, etc. The single player game is all I have done so far, to build up my car collection. The Kudos World Series is a good system, queueing up a list of genres of cars for you to work your way through, from the lower end sporty coupes to the 'Ultimate' genre, each has a number of cars (and rumor is that they are adding an entire new genre with a content DL, along with new CITIES - if true, the greatest DL done so far). Very fun game, and cars are very good looking. Even if not yet into cars, this will probably get you into them. Live integration is cool, but I think slightly overhyped. Definately great to have your scores compared to those online, and be able to race the top ghosts, but nothing to buy the game over... get it for the huge number of cars, the showroom (walk around a car dealer and testdrive/buy one of the many inside to add it to your garage of cars), the many many cities/locations (and each city has numerous routs and weather settings and landmarks) and the intense simulation experience - I drive differently now after playing this game.

Graphics: Good for a racer; it is less impressive from inside the car, however, and that is a slight issue for me because that is the best view in my opinion. However, your car and others all sport nice reflection and damage, and the roads - wet or dry - give no sense of anything but reality. I am a fan of lighting though; some cool night races with florecent lights or brights etc on cars would've added much to the atmosphere. Rain was great. Cars are great.

Audio: Good engine sounds, and can play own tracks. Haven't listened to game music much though, because of this feature, so I will give it a 5 because I cannot rate it acurately, and don't want to lower its scores. (My entire system - I gave slightly higher scores to maintain good average). This is truly the best racer ever.

Suggestions: Lights/atmosphere. Show some devotion to the content DLs and get a few of the 'live' rooms in showroom filled; prove to us the Devs dont just put on the sticker. Uhm. Rethink the stats on the Lancer Evo and WRX STi - with a 5.0 and 4.7 zero to sixty times, consecutively, they outperform a great number of porche's that had uber (= 'above' auf Deutch) stats in this game. RS6 Avant? wierd. Uhm. Mess around with a few fantasy or completely extravagant vehicles perhaps. Maybe snow... What else... with games as near immpecable as these, it is only possible to suggest features that would make it even more attractive. Perhaps car customization. Track customization wouldn't be hard (make your own routes). Hmmm. Make a cruise area? Like a city with traffic etc to just drive around in one of your cars... That all.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Pirates of the Caribbean

Overall: If I write alot here I will become repetitive in the following categories, so I will focus on responding to common complaints here. The game does have a steep learning curve - it's not donkey kong. Once you know what your doing, its well worth it. The graphics are amazing - I found few similarities to morrowind so I do not understand the comparison - it can be a bright day full of color, a dark night with sweet lighting, or a storm with nice sound and visual effect. Those were the main complaints... Also note for the most part I'm not as soft on games as many on this site, however this is a well made game, and unfortunately I only write about those that really impress me.

Gameplay: Sailing is just that - takes a while to get used to but not really necessary except in battles. Know that your sails have three standard settings, including rolled up (for storms so they don't tear, or when you wish to stop), battle (less speed but more manuverability), and full sail (speed). Read the manual and any tips the game gives during loading screens and you'll do fine with this & learning curve - complex games yield better rewards. You can control one ship or a fleet, each customized in their officers levels, skills, equiptment, crew's moral, weapons (variety of cannons etc), and ship type/class (each ship has many characteristics, including weapon class alowed for cannons, speed, manuverability, sail efficientcy, cargo hold and weight allowed, maximum crew etc. One can trade on the sea, board enemy ships and steal their cargo and the ship itself, goto the shops or shipyards or tavern for equiptment for officers or ships or for officers themselves. One can perform quests for shopkeepers or the main story (very rewarding), smuggle, pirate, explore, attack whole factions/countries... to be honest I feel I haven't come near experiencing everything this game makes availible. I like the combat system, both on and off land, and also the rpg aspects of the characters - the skills and abilities are well thought out.
IN ALL: I give this my top rating because of the complexity and intrigue - my personal favorite type of gameplay as simplicity can equal repetition, and that bores me. Keep me thinking.

Graphics: Bright, colorful, amazing at first sight, surprising for the xbox, everything - one will not be turned off by the graphics.

Audio: Some don't like the style of music, but I think its apropriate - I have enjoyed it for the most part, havent had to turn the volume down, and don't find myself becoming depressed by repetitious harp music (Mr. Morrowind). Great sound for storms and sea battles too.

Suggestions: Make storms worth lasting and easier to have an effect on, make ship repair less expensive - it nullifies the necessity of sea battles or storms - the expense is too high for the product. Make boarding enemy ships possible (getting close enough is difficult, let alone running alongside them at the same speed - one should be dead by then). Make a faster 'fast forward' button - it would be fun to sail in 3rd person view rather than map. Allow online downloadable content.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Bioware RPG, in the same style. With my first day of play I was tempted to come here and bash it, but I continued to the finish. Worth it - and in bioware fasion is surrounding story (must get into that rather than level/char for the most part) - I didnt realize this that first day, so when I came in expecting a customizable openended character like in Morrowind I was dissapointed. For the most part, the levels (for the first 5 hours or so) looked like stuff from Hunter - very monoplanar, few obstacles or flare effects, and the inability to look up made me feel restricted. Once I became a Jedi however, some dimension was added - also, like in Baldur's Gate, the fact that one could work with relationships of party members (into trusting you/love affairs) was a plus. Although, for the most part, party members were useless for other than that - any things you might not like in the game will be mentioned in 'suggestions' to prevent becoming repetitive. Once my characters gained complexity in with force abilities and 'feats' or natural abilities, combat became much more enjoyable - I have always liked their pause system, but I was originally put off by the simplicity of the combat in this game, at least, like I said, until I gained variety. It is still prevented from becoming complex by their removal of the queue standard in their Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale series - many of the abilities and weapons asked you to consider your critical hit chances and damage and number of attacks, but with the simplisitic "floating numbers" system showing damage only (and even then, for a short time), one has little way to tell how much damage one is doing, how close they are getting to criticals, or even how many times one is attacking (I'm still unsure how many times I hit with Master Flurry - an ability similar to 'zeal' in Diablo 2 - combined with Master Speed - something that should add two attacks; It should be 5, but I am unable to tell because the character animations do not coincide with a strike - one could see their character take a swing and three seperate numbers float above its head). NOTE: I AM NOT AT ALL A FAN of Star Wars - I do not dislike it, but never got into it; probably couldn't take the mushroom-cut hero seriously. I did, however, enjoy this setting and story - their 'shocker' of a tale makes the "I am your father!" scene look like a guy with a breathing problem talking to a kid issues in masculinity. Nice job bioware.

Gameplay: 3D-Ish Baldur's Gate with simplified combat. For those of you unfamiliar, it is similar to a strategy-rpg; build the troops and issue comands. I liked the puzzles that were included - not frustrating or common, but just enough. The nod to Deus Ex with computer hacking, security spiking, demolitions, implants, etc was done fairly well. They should have given more opportunities to use it though. Lots of dialogue and recieving quests and flying around and customizing equiptment - also plus, fully voiced dialogue.

Graphics: Slightly dissapointing - understanding it comes secondary to gameplay, and the characters/animation was well done, environments must be immersive to prop a game to greatness - although I believe this was due to a weak toolset rather than poor level design. There seemed to be an acceptable amount of environments (although slightly sub-par in quantity and size), but the lighting and presence of blatant 'walls' in all the levels reminded me of Super Mario 64. To be honest, I'm just a huge fan of lighting - I played Shenmue 2 for little more than it's nighttime. But to make a player want to play, he must be immersed - heck I'm gonna play morrowind after I'm done beating this game again - lots to do after one beats the game, and also they are releasing the expansions for Xbox this fall.

Audio: Well done - if I don't notice the music thats a good thing; means its not depressing me or driving me mad with repetition, and that it fits the scene. Sound effects with blasters and wookies and sabers was also well done. Qualitiy in this department. With the full voice support, the only thing this could have improved was to have a moving song at a key situation; I'm by no means a Halo-worshipper, I have far less respect for straight shooters than RPG hybrids, they DID the music right. I can hear it playing loudly while being chased in co-op mode.

Suggestions: Make it possible for the detail gamer to see whats going on in combat.
MAKE NON-JEDI NON-ROBOT CHARACTER's USEFULL. Jedi's can fight BETTER than normal warriors with the lightsaber abilities and bonuses and force enhancements, AND get force abilities. Why take a character that is weaker in every way? Also the class system is stupid - skills are absolutely useless to any character, so why trade combat and hitpoints for skills? Don't - you get a robot early in the game that will get in the 40's in every skill very soon, leaving all those 12 skill crap fighter characters useless.
Only bugs I've seen is after large changes - kudos for including the ability to effect the game world, but allow us to download a patch to clear our questbook of old Kashyyk, Tarris or Korriban quests that can no longer be completed after a game event.
Make a downloadable planet full of new stuff for post-game enjoyment; possibly the republic base? never saw large barracks but saw them all over the place...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: Most of you realize that games are generally rated highly in this forum. For the most part, people buy the game and try to justify their buy here - whether it be a waste or success. I bought this game solely on these reviews; a large mistake. You may think I'm just one of a few who naturally won't like a game, but I strongly suggest a rent before buying. I'm not to much of a mech-fan, but mostly because of the lack of trying - I went into the game with an open mind, thought could be cool to customize and fight. There is no customization, and the fights ARE circling and shooting - it has been suggested that if you're good it's not true, but I was undefeated - mostly because I could keep my targeter over the other guy while circling. It was boring, not to mention the maps look like motocross for the n64, without ramps etc (overall, a large dirt box). The singleplayer was the greatest gameplay offered here. BE WARNED. Your initial impression may be its fun, and it is for a while, but after an hour you may be trying to convince your friends what your playing really IS fun, instead of focusing on the game. Even though the online aspect adds a little, it is the reason anyone would own this game. THIS IS THE KIND OF GAME YOU KNOW WILL GET BASHED BY PRESS, and you will see (if you haven't played it) what I am talking about. As proof, people here may get defensive and attack my article to justify their purchase; we'll see.

Gameplay: Multiplay is where I began, and where I expected the game to shine. I bought it for the xbox live/multiplayer experience, but first tried with just two players. Ouch. I kept hoping the addition of outside players or maybe being able to talk to them with the headset to get my mind off the gameplay would help. It did, but just added frustration. One of those games where there are a few good mechs, and the rest noone but those that are new use; and for the most part, each mech has two weapons - a laser and a rocket, the types of these vary. If your mech has a good rocket, you just use it (over and over and over, and make sure you circle the other guy and hit him more than he hits you!), or if he has a buff laser (PCP or somthin) you use that. There is no real strategy to the game - everyone's mech is essentialy the same, except for aesthetics, and none of them look cool so that doesn't matter. Multiplayer maps are laughable. When somone said 'no landmarks' they ment just a displacement map (bumpy/hilly) with different textures (snow/grass) and one has a river and buildings in it - a total of four of these levels. Whoa. The single player was semi-fun, but I beat it in a night, and ended up returning the game. For those of you that own this, see if you can sell to somone before the mags get out.

Graphics: Decento graphics in models/animation, but ... poor ... levels, level design, lighting, pretty much everything else (except explosions). Sure running into buildings is cool for a while, but if you cannot afford more than a game or two every couple (or even single) months, don't waste the money. If you want a decent online game, get unreal. Fairly good, but many complain it's too hard; if you can get fairly good at shooters, I can guarentee some decent competition for you in this game, and much better graphics. The game's characters had much more variation and UC didn't use it as its selling point. I haven't bought this game - though I probably will. I'm still waiting for some online action rpg or somthing for Live - I can't justify spending 50$ on it for just unreal (I'm not a heavy sports game fan, but if you are, go for it).

Audio: To be honest, I didn't pay too much attention - I was playing my guitar while I fought. Doo-doo-doo walkin out my backdoor... (100 word min)

Suggestions: Customizability, new level designers (seemed stable engine, but either tools sucked or lazy design made boring multi and unoriginal single).

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: There are two subsections, the next is about the path paving of this game, who I'm writing this article for. The second is the '+' and '-' of this game, READ THIS ARTICLE TOHELPDECIDEIFYOU WANT THE GAME, I'll try to help you find why or why it wouldn't be for you.------------------
--I had been following this title since its first supposed release date, back in november 2001 - this game was one of the reasons I bought the Xbox. I am not that much of a console RPGer, some are fun, but so linear that it seems like Mario with armor. The appeal to this game is you could play until next Christmas and not get bored, if your willing to get into it; you can't pick this game up and hope to go out and kill everything like you would in Spiderman or whatever else you are used to - THE (hopefully a) MISCONCEPTION IS THAT ALL CONSOLE PLAYERS ARE 12 YEAR OLD KIDS WITH ADD AND TOO SLOW TO COUNT PAST 15 - while the second accusation I may be applicable for, computer games are very commonly BETTER, because the general consumers are older and smarter, whereas consoles are associated with the younger group - while this is not bad, you can be a very smart youngster or a immature oldy, what I am saying is developers don't make the great games for us because they expect people to say "uhhh... I have to read too much, and you can't punch stuff." IF YOU WANT GOOD GAMES DON'T SHOW DEVS YOUR IDIOTS; this game may not be for you, but I can say that for once, we got top quality stuff - as groundbreaking as a PC game for once, be appreciative that a company is willing to take the risk of our system.---------------
irst the good, then the bad; if you want to know what the game is like, check gameplay.
(+) Unlimited gameplay;most game for your buck so far. (+) Great attention to detail (when it rains you can see the droplets hit the water, EVERYTHING is interactable with, etc) (+) Customizable play/character(make a character to your tastes and play game however you want; a evil sorceror to a good night who steals from nasty stores and aids the townspeople. Everything is so open IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE A SPELL THAT WIPES OUT A WHOLE TOWN or a potion that makes you fast and strong enough to jump over mountains)(+) Massive and varied environments (most games just brag about it;morrowind really has every setting imaginable)(+) Built in minigames (With unlimited choices comes unlimited time spenders; go pick flowers in the mountains for ingrediants for your potions, go diving in a lake to find and underwater gave with a floor laden with clams that have pearls inside if you dive for them) (+)Many possible routes (Want that nice armor? Make the owner look the other way and steal it. Bribe him or persuade him or barter him down to a lower price. Kill him and take the loot; talk to theives guild to get bounty off your head or just take on the guards.(-)Time theif (-)Hard to make first character

Gameplay: You are dropped in a town and are told to go find some guy in another town (after making your character, custom may seem cool but until you have played a bit there is little chance you will make a sucessful character first try, begin with a class premade, very cool ones are availible). After this event, you can do whatever the hell you want - you can ignore your orders and talk to townspeople, do quests for them, ask about rumors (the taxcollecter is dead) and solve some of the issues/quests. You can go swimming and kill some of the beach critters for skill, maybe find that underwater cave while your there and go pearl diving. You can steal from the storekeepers or kill them and take over their house and use it for rest or storage. You can take a 'silt rider'(fast travel) to the larger town and spend (literally) days there doing quests, joining guilds and factions, or exploring and making spells and potions or even just doing laps in the river to gain some athletics skill - all while ignoring the story line. You can go into the mages guild and be transported to a far off city and work there, or go exploring on your own (even many people in the wilderness have quests for you). You can do anything, and you will never be bored or at a loss of fun things to do. Fighting has come under fire; I'm not sure why. Just be efficient and the character will dofine. For example I made a axe warrior who has some conjuration and illusioin - I made him invisible, stole all the appropriate armor and weapons and goods I could, sold some stuff, and bought spells. Now the guy made aspell that summons a sweetlooking/performance armor and axe, and he kills people in the first buncha quests in a few hits, and uses his restoration skill to heal and make his stats better.

Graphics: Very good - character models can be a little strange, and they made some races unnecisariliy wierd looking, but once you getsome cool looking stuff you will be very pleased. Sky looks great, rain and fog are both real weather effects, you can see raindrops hitting the water or the sweet lighting effects of a lantern in a Dwemer dungeon or Daedric guantlets and axe (you willfind out)

Audio: Great effects and voices, the thunder and rain really makes you feel wet - the music I did not like though, too sad and repetitive, do yourself a favor and turn it off, you will enjoy the game much more. A 2.5 because it got half the sound (the effects) right.

Suggestions: Better music, make the characters looks and armors more likeable (the player liking the character is imperative). Umm, only other things is offer the World builder to Xbox users, and make a small arena where two characters can be loaded and you can fight your friend/friends.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nightcaster: Defeat The Darkness

Overall: Overall - This game is not what I originally expected. There was alot that would have made this game great, but it wasn't there (check my tips for developer). I played it, and it is so linear that it is comparable to Super Mario. This is not an RPG, and not close to one, so dont go into the game expecting any similarities. This game is Gauntlet Legends except with one class: The Wizard. There are a few spells, but most of them are the same but the colors are different (blue for ice, red for fire, etc). The game, unfortunatly is very repetitive. You use your spells against bad guys, finish the level, possibly picking up some new spells on the way. While it was fun in a way, I am glad I did not buy it; I beat it in two days while I rented it (though take note, it hasn't taken me more than two days for any xbox game so far, so go on a scale). Its a fun little action game, but the story isn't that immersive, and the character improvement over the game isn't that noticeable. You will find yourself using the same spells at the end as the beggining. Maybe if it had multiplayer capibilities and an archer or warrior... but for a single player only game, it wasn't immersive enough.

Gameplay: Decent gameplay, but it stops there, decent. If you are a decent gamer you will be able to beat this game in 2 rents at mosts, and be glad you didnt spend the 50 required to buy it. I made sure I played through the whole game before I rated it, and while its fun, thats not enough for a single player game - the gameplay is pretty much color coding. ex. "That monster is red, so I'll switch to a blue spell and kill it, while running in circles to dodge arrows." Thats pretty much the whole game, except the colors of the spells and monsters will vary. Get this game for a few night(casters) and get it under your belt. Don't use more than 5 bucks for it.

Graphics: Pretty good spell graphics, and that is probably the best part of the game. Getting higher level spells that look cooler (but not too much else) was the reason to go on. The backgrounds were contantly dark, and you can never see far due to the top-down view, but what you could see was mediocre. Just remember the spells...

Audio: I dont recall the sound, I think I may have turned it off during the process of the game, but you don't buy a game to listen to the music, you can turn on the radio or somthing (I use a mp3 Jukebox, great stuff).

Suggestions: Add some multiplayer (co-op, and if you want allot of fun, allow players to take their characters to others houses and duel or trade items, etc), and more player choices - allow the player to specialize their character. The attraction to being a dark mage or fire mage may be enough to build a fan base, but you as developers controlled what spells the character recieved and how they were. Also, a casting game isn't complete without a variety of spells, instead of many that do the same thing (deal damage) add some spells unique to types. Light - healing, Dark - lifedrain, Water - water elemental summon, Fire - Flame blade etc. Add items or somthing to make the player be proud of their character, make him be his own.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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Post by oryanphine
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