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Overall: A pathetic display of coporations and horrible program management ruining what could have been the best wrestling game ever. It seems as though they sent the alpha version build of the game to print instead of he finished one. Great potential, squandered.

Gameplay: Great engine, with many major flaws.

A million missing modes & features. Way out of date rosters. Can't climb anything but turnbuckles. Can't get on top of tables. Can't throw someone off the stage through a table. AI is horrible--attacks allies, tries to break ring out count even when it's disabled, stand there and does nothing mant times. Makes it a chore to fight outside the ring.
Limited CAW. Limited CAW saves. Claims to have auto-save feature in manual, but is no where to be found in the game. No double team moves. No location damage. No tag belt. No defending your title, no anything, Jesus...

Graphics: Overall great graphics. most of the animation is great. Walking animation sucks on intros, you don't really notice when fighting, though. Where's Tazz's towel? Crowd looks horrible. Some wrestlers were not finished. Did they forget? Thriple H's face is a placeholder face. Just about all the other wrestlers have their complete face & head/hair modeled, eyes and everything. Triple H's face is just a flat texture (and not a good one). Horrible.

Audio: In game music is horrible and annoying. Sound pops, skips, and totally cuts out. Machine must be reset to fix.

Suggestions: Anchor, for the love off god, GET TO WORK! This is the laziest effort I has ever beared witness to, in 20 years of playing games. FIX EVERYTYHING (audio, video, gameplay, graphics)! Especially triple H's face and hair! And update the !&%$@#* rosters, Jesus Christ! I think I saw Ted Dibiase on the player select screen!

In cause you didn't know, Royal Rumble is the most basic special match there is. But, somehow, you failed to included it!?!?

Give Tazz his towel!

Watch wrestling, and steal the modes from SmackDown (only, implement them well). Add new features, also. EVERYTHING above ground level sound be climbable (ladders, tables, anouncer's table). Expand the CAW bigtime, more faces, unlimited saves, auto-save, edit existing wrestlers, and add a mirror button, so you don't have to go through left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg.

Physics should be A LOT better. If you chuck someone out of the ring, or off the stage, it should hurt more. If they fall off the stage onto a table, they should break the !&%$@#* table, not slide off! Needs a landing animation for walking or running off the stage (15 foot drop). If you slam someone on an object, it should hurt more than a regular move on the mat. Also, if you get slammed on top of an object, you should lay ON TOP of it, not through it (collision detection)! Should be able to whip player into standing ladder (they slide off and keep running). Add moving hair. Speed the game up a little, some animations are slow. Some animation doesn't look like gravity is an influence--sell these moves better = bigger impact.

Fix walking animations (make them realistic, not cartoony/robotic). Lita doesn't walk like a man.

Tweak the damage model. Add location based damage. Bigger moves showed put people down for longer periods of time, depending on the recipient (women should get knocked the !&%$@#* out be the big guys). More moves.

Don't ever release anything this half-assed again. This shouldn't have even been a beta version build of RAW. Get sequel to us before Christmas. If you can't make it, don't worry about it--NO NEED TO RUSH!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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