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Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: I found this game to be really enjoyable! The graphics are amazing and it has kept me busy for quite a while. Controls are pretty simple, gameplay is typical of racing/mission games, and the sound is okay. The missions are a bit cheesy, and somewhat repetitive, but until GTA3 is released, Wreckless has me hooked.

Gameplay: Don't expect a huge story line here. Some of the missions seem to be pointless and repetitive, but its still very fun. Controls are typical of most car games (keep foot on gas, hit brake button around corners). I really like the power slides they offer here, its a great way to keep up your speed around corners just by hitting the break while still driving the gas. This game lacks a multiplayer option and that really brings it down. Once you beat it, all there's really left to do is go back through and look for hidden cars or attempt better times for the missions.

Graphics: WOW! That sums up all my thoughts on this matter! The cars are done in extreme detail (and also the environment around you) and the replays are worth buying the game alone! Even after you beat this one, its still great to get out and show your friends a replay (they are amazing!)

Audio: Sound isn't the greatest here. Every crash and hit on another car sounds like the previous. Beeps, brakes squealing, and engines revving just don't match realistically. The music is OKAY, if you're into Japanese techno. The music doesn't really bother me that much, but the dumb voices, and unrealistic sounds are a minor drawback.

Suggestions: Add some sort of multiplayer and work on the sound some more. The game is so awesome visually, it would have put it over the top if the sound was there too. It would also be really cool if you added guns or weapons to the cars so you could take out some of that pesky traffic in your way.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: This is an awesome party game. I have lots of games in my collection but every time friends come over, FF is always the one that gets pulled out (probably because the simplicity of it all). Definately don't buy this unless you plan on playing XBox with your friends a lot. The one big downfall of this game is stated right in the title. "Fuzion Frenzy". You play lots of mini games and then wager your orbs (points) in a game called Fuzion Frenzy. You must retrieve your orbs (and others') in order to win the contest. Its just sad because "Fuzion Frenzy" is the most boring mini game available and you have to play it all the time.

Gameplay: Great! Controls are easy to learn and you'll be kicking butt in no time. The mini games are fun, but the "Fuzion Frenzy" aspect gets old really quick. This is a great one to pick up with a few friends who are too intimidated to take you on in Halo. Watch out though... they may be dominating the game before you know it (its that easy to learn!).

Graphics: The graphics look beautiful, especially for a mini game. Camera angles are nice and they really paid a lot of attention to detail here!

Audio: UGH... not a huge selling point here. The music and character voices in this just don't do it for me. Annoying music and cheesy character voices (I think they're supposed to be Australian) will be driving you nuts in no time. :(

Suggestions: You could create different ways to wager your orbs besides "Fuzion Frenzy" (even though thats the title of the game). :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: I really liked this game. THQ draws you in with its brilliant graphics and keeps you coming back with a challenging engine. You may become bored with the single player mode, but nothing's more fun than bashing your friends' faces in after watching the real RAW on a Monday night.

Gameplay: The single player is lacking a bit and I got bored just wrestling random opponents for belts. However, the matches against your friends will keep this game from getting dusty. Attacking your friends as they're entering the ring is the best(great option)! Raw is based on a "voltage meter" which determines the momentum of the match by fan reactions. This new engine may seem frustrating at first, but as you begin to master more moves, the crowd will begin cheering for you more.

Graphics: The wrestlers look great. Everything from their faces down to their entrances, THQ mastered it to the key. A few of the superstars are a bit off, but nothing too extreme. The one thing that really caught my eye was the realistic look of the lighting, and ring. After a Monday night of watching WWF Raw with friends, I was in another room and thought they were showing clips from the night's previous matches. It was just my friends playing! Only big downside to the visuals is the character's strange walk. Their legs are kind of spread and they move a bit funny.

Audio: The sounds are great. The wrestler's entrance music is exactly like the real thing. My only complaint is the lack of a commentator.

Suggestions: Please try to fix the wrestler's strange walk, add a few more modes to the single player, and add a commentator. Awesome job though!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is the greatest game of all time. Whether you play alone, with a group of friends, or online using gamespy, this game rules the console world from every angle imaginable. There have been many LAN brawls here at Ohio University with XBOX's connected all across the campus, and I have to say its not getting old anytime soon. It seems like every time I pop Halo in, the clock says 2 or 3AM by the time I'm done (thats qualtity!)

Gameplay: The gameplay is truly awesome. Halo's single player mode kept me on my toes up until the end and then some (I still love going through on more difficult settings). The multiplayer is really sweet but it could definately use some bots. The controllers aren't too difficult... There's about a 15 minute learning curve tops, and before you know it you'll be mastering the Master Chief. :-)

Graphics: Beautiful, gorgeous... no words can describe it. The amount of detail Bungie put into this title is amazing. The outside levels are awesome to just sit there, move the analog around and look at. Sun in the sky, the glistening halo above you, running water/oceans. You can't ask for much more in this department!

Audio: The sound isn't a huge selling point, but it definately has a nice presence. I thoroughly enjoyed the background music. It always got me pumped up and kept me moving. Sound effects could be a little better (the guns maybe a bit more realistic), but they're still great.

Suggestions: Please add some bots for the multiplayer. Keep up the good work! This is going to be #1 in my book until Halo 2 comes out!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: This is the best football game available for the XBOX. The graphics look great, sound is good, and gameplay sets the foundation that made this series famous.

Gameplay: If you're not a super-fan of the Madden series, you may need to practice plays for a little while before taking on the Al or friends. However, the gameplay is excellent once you get all the moves down. There are many options... you can create your own team(nice feature), drive your choice NFL players to a super bowl championship, or just pick up a quick exhibition game against a buddy. The multiplayer is a blast but you also won't be disappointed if you're by yourself.

Graphics: The graphics look pretty sweet, but it is merely a port from the PS2. EA could make this a lot more realistic if they take advantage of ALL the xbox's features in the future. I'm still in love with the graphics for now though!

Audio: The sound is pretty good, but if you've been around the Madden series for a while you'll notice a repetition in calls. This gets a little old after a while.

Suggestions: Take advantage of the XBox's powers and give a boost to the graphics in your next release. Also, it would be pretty cool if Madden circled some key areas of plays with his red pen during replays.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: I was pleasantly surprised with this title. Though the missions are very tough (easily overcome with a few cheats-haha), I had fun going through it to the end. The multiplayer is a blast! Its almost like Twisted Metal but in boats. The things that kind of bring it down are poor sound and lack of scenery/options.

Gameplay: This is a pretty easy game to pick up and tear through like a pro. There's probably about a 10 minute learning curve for the controls, but the options are nice. You can use your turbos, switch between guns, and chase down your enemies with faster boats as your progress through the missons. My only problem is the difficulty of the missions! After about 3 or 4, they become VERY difficult (just remember there are 28 all together). This is cool if you want to spend a year in front of the same game to beat it. Also, the physics seem a bit off. Your boat will float in the air like a balloon when hit with a torpedo and it seems like there is no weight to it.

Graphics: Graphics are pretty good. The water looks great and the scenery looks nice. I think the game lacks a little bit in the explosion department. Almost all wrecks/rocket explosions look alike and there is a little room for improvement there.

Audio: This is the lowpoint of Blood Wake. The commentary is fake and cheesy. The music isn't bad but it definately isn't something to write home to mom about.

Suggestions: I would love to customize my own boats for the multiplayer and lay down my own tracks for music. Maybe consider a few more options to differentiate in the missions(ex.-put in some night vision for late missions or throw in some tidal waves/whirl pools or something.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael

Overall: MX 2002 had my attention quick, and then it was over. Smooth gameplay and great music selection was brought down by less than expected XBOX graphics, and a SHORT road to the championship.

Gameplay: The bike seems to be invincible in my opinion. I landed some crazy jumps that I know are impossible in real life. I mean, it makes it much easier to land but sometimes it seems a little too out there. The multiplayer is pretty fun but it too grows old after a while. I love motocross games, but this one just didn't seem up to par.

Graphics: The graphics were... well... not that great. Backgrounds were often blocky, wrecks were almost the same as every other one. It looked like a game that has already been played out on PSOne or something.

Audio: I have mixed feelings here! The music they chose was great... but if you sit down and play this for more than a 1/2 hour you're going to start feeling severe effects of deja vu. The music plays OVER AND OVER AND OVER... stops for a while... SAME STUFF, SAME STUFF, SAME STUFF... if it had the capability to burn your own stuff on, it'd be great. The bike sounds just plain stink. 'nuff said

Suggestions: Please allow us to burn our own music in, and update the graphics... ITS 2002 MAN! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: I've never set my eyes on the PC version of Max Payne, but from the minute I started the tutorial, I WAS HOOKED! The special features such as, "bullet time," and "shoot dodge" are amazing. The story is one that will suck you in until the final stages. My only pet-peeve is the games "quick save". You can basically save wherever you want in the game at anytime. This makes it almost too easy.

Gameplay: The detail Rockstar put into this game is well noticable! When you snipe in on someone, you can see the bullet fly through the air as it pops in the un-suspecting enemy. Almost everything in the buildings you're in are interactive (slot machine, pop machines, water jugs, etc.). You can even walk up to drugees and watch them as they freak out. It took me a while to get used to the controls and was often left for dog meat, pummelled with bullets because I couldn't move quickly enough. That was overcome relatively easy. The only thing that stinks is the "quick save"... You can do it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE... where's the challenge with that?

Graphics: WOW! I fell in love with the graphics here. Everything moved smoothly, never a break in the action. I had the game freeze up one time but never saw that glitch again after restarting(I'd been playing for about 4 hours strait on the box though).

Audio: Hmmmm... do you ever feel weirded out listening to video game music? This one creeped me out! It was great... I can't tell you how many times I ran down the hall at college to tell my buddies to check out how freaky the music and all was. Wife crying, baby crying, chills... also the gun effects and talking were great. Rockstar catches you with the graphics, then sucks you in for good with sound.

Suggestions: I beat this game relatively quickly with the "quick save" feature and haven't played it too much since defeating it. Considering there are soooo many beautiful looking levels in here, a multiplayer option would be excellent. A Max Payne multiplayer would put 007 to shame.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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