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Overall: squad based tactical mech game with loads of cusomizable features and an overall addicting game, but servers tend to seriously prohibit the potential of this game

Gameplay: offline is basically a bootcamp for online play, just learn the basic functions, strengths, and weaknesses of each hound type. online you are a merc who will probably join a friend's squad and when the war for the country you are allied with. In the battles/missions you participate in you when by either destroying the other teams base, the team itself, or if time runs out whoever has the most combases. tends to get repetitive unless you experiment with new hounds

Graphics: simply but, beautiful. fire and smoke has never looked more realistic.

Audio: also very good soundeffects, music is not that great but it is by far not horrendous like that on Over G.

Suggestions: fix the %@%$! servers, this the only place where the game falls apart, I can't count how many times I have personally, or heard of times where people have not been able to join other people in the waiting lobby, or people ending up in a "phantom" squad lobby. 15 minutes is also way to long of a wait timer to signal that you are ready to start the mission 5 is plenty.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Over G Fighters

Overall: Jet sim, plain and simple

Gameplay: very realistic, not an arcade style like Ace Combat, it was new for me and I somewhat enjoyed it.

Graphics: some of the worst on the 360 if not the worst, PS2 graphics such as Ace Combat make this game look like a disgrace, and its a freakin ps2 game that was made nearly two years ago!!?

Audio: not bad, but nothing extraordinary either, however the music has to be some of the worst ever.

Suggestions: why put the the F-14a and b but not the d, decisions like this just ruin the game. really just a bunch of isanity on the developers part. If you put a jet in at least put its best variant in too especially when you have other variants.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Overall: Purely excellent

Gameplay: tactical shooter where battle is in outdoor and a few urban enviorments

Graphics: very good graphics some of the best currently out

Audio: major upgrade from previous GR games, the guns actually sound realistic

Suggestions: don't really see any point in limiting the weapon choice so much. Many of my favorites have been cut. I would like to have seen a Springfield Socom 2(modern and compact M14 assualt rifle), since that is what I heard the military is going back to since the 5*56 round just doesn't cut it in killing power. Needs more guns, possibly some submachine guns and tactical shotguns(spec op and reg army use them anyway why not the ghosts) and change the infrared beergoggles to actual night vision goggles.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Xbox 360 Video Game System

Overall: fairly crappy system compared with the original xbox in my point of view. Had too many bugs and overheating problems that could mess up your system and games, not to mention the fact that whenever you sent your system in you usually just got another system that did not work. And if it did mess up your games, like my CoD2, they can't replace it or even refund your money because your system overheated within only 40 minutes of gameplay.

Suggestions: Fix the bugs, the system has more than enough power to show off next gen games, but it is just riddled with bugs. Over half of the the 90 something people on my friends list who have the system have had to send it in at least once for repairs, and three or four of them including me have had three or more replacement systems because they are failing to fix them the first time. This irritates the fire out of me because when I sent in my PS2 it was fixed correctly the first time, even though it took more time than what Microsoft supposedly fixes them, because of a "disc unreadable" error. My original XBOX has worked flawlessly and still runs even with all the hours put into it. It is better to wait a few more months than to send out a defective pile like that and to fix whatever problems it has.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10

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