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Overall: This is my first review and Im gonna have to tell you some info about me. Im a gamer,which is hard to please. I only have 4 Xbox games and 1 Gamecube game(Well preorded Mario).So for me getting this game should say alot if your a difficult chooser like me.Now back to Splash Down.This game is one of the greatest Xbox titles out there.Cruising through the tracks at max speed running over ramps. Ducking under obstacles. Finding hidden passage ways by going through or doing the un-do able. This game is Pure fun in a DVD! Doing awsome tricks with the tap of TWO buttons. Holding them down hoping you have enough time to build up your Performance Bar. Fortanly in this game No Pain = Gain. Or esle I wouldnt be here right now :).The Gameplay revovles around 2 buton combos.

Gameplay: Steering through twist and turns. Leaning to dodge obstacles. Finding hidden routes to obtain hidden items. The Gameplay to this game is very appealing. 27 normal moves and 9 signature moves for each of the 9 characters. (Some you have to obtain by versing them in carrier mode). Playing the game through normal is pleasing enough. 3 Laps and 5 players. You have to get 2nd in race. Every so-often you get to challenge a indiviual person to obtain them to play. None of the levels look the same either. All are pretty custom to their own look. Many levels (If not most) have untracked parts of it. Some of them might be guarded by a squid looking monster that you cant dodge (sadly).Also I am sorry if I have typos got a new keyboard and not used to it yet.Visual Appeal is great it could be better though.

Graphics: Graphics are a little above average for a racing game. Water is neat. Many gamers and I are sick of the paper looking trees though. We got the technology to make trees look good (DoA3). Why not make them look good? Sadly alot of games have plastic trees and this one does also.Also the crowd is pretty cheap also.Its like the game "Paper Mario."Except more like "Paper Crowd!"Outside of that the game has a pretty neat visual appeal. Trailing through the shinney water trying to miss the "hole" trailing your enemies jetsky.The character models are cool and each indiviually made. Non of them really look the same. The jetskies do look the same though just different coloring for most of them.The Levels have alot of detail but I wish gaming companies lost the "Paper" look for crowd and trees.

Audio: Splashdown has a great soundtrack to listen to while playing through the game. It also takes the ablity of your harddrive so you can played burned songs while playing the game. The sound effects are cool also. Listening to your player go "Ouuchh.." and "Cya at the finish line.. Losser" as he/she stumbles upon a obstacle or passes someone up.Thats about all for the sound.

Suggestions: More players.. Only 2 Come on!! I wanted to play tag. Add more modes to Versus.Loose the paper appeal please. Great game non the less. Keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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