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Assassin's Creed

Overall: @!%#*!@!%#*!in's Creed is an entertaining, if sometimes repetitive, offering from Ubisoft. The game's storyline is somewhat flawed and the voice acting very flawed (although done intentionally for some unknown reason). Visually, the game is very sharp and a lot of work was put into fleshing out the most minor of details. If you like visiting foreign places, meeting interesting people, then sneaking up on them and brutally killing them, this is the game you're looking for.

Gameplay: @!%#*!@!%#*!in's Creed consists of a few things that you do over and over and over and over again.
Here's how it plays out:
Get your target from the cryptic leader of @!%#*!@!%#*!ins on your mountain-top fortress home. Run all the way down the mountain to leave the village and proceed to one of the three cities the future dead man resides in.
Upon reaching said city, climb up a bunch of towers (to flesh out your map and update your objectives), beat up street preachers - then kill them, pickpocket messengers, eavesdrop on conversations, find fellow @!%#*!@!%#*!ins and do their work for them, and kick the hell out of any guards found har@!%#*!ing citizens.
Once you've done this and already killed so many, you're allowed to go kill the one person you were actually SENT to kill.
Rinse and repeat for the next 5 or 6 hours.
Oh and did you want a proper ending after all your hard work killing and pillaging for the man? Maybe next time champ.

Suggestions: Ubisoft... please God tell me you troll sites like this looking for suggestions on how to fix a game you so obviously botched.
@!%#*!@!%#*!in's Creed was NOT a bad game - it was just flawed. It was repetitive to the point of insanity. For @!%#*!@!%#*!in's Creed 2 (because you so obviously set up the sequel) remove the crap. I don't need to beat up street preachers in every city. Nor do I need to pickpocket several henchmen per city to find out what their boss is up to.
However, the #1 thing to lose in AC2 is the viewpoints. One per city, maybe two is way more than enough. I could forgive all other repetitive objectives, but not this one. They need to go.
Give us more targets, multiple people per city who notice when one of their ranks go down and beef up their security to compensate. Don't make me run down a mountain every time I want to start a mission.
And please, give AC2 a proper ending. It can even be a cliffhanger if you're inclined to make AC3. But throw us a bone - we just spent several hours of our lives (and you spent at least a year of yours) immersed in a fantasy world. Give that world a little closure.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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