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Afro Samurai

Overall: TV’s late night, foul mouthed, revenge crazed, hip-hop ninja makes his first appearance in the world of video games. AFRO SAMURAI is a blood soaked, action packed third person hack and slash based solely on Afro’s quest to avenge the death of his father and reclaim the fabled number one headband. With a visual style similar to games such as prince of Persia and XIII, AFRO SAMURAI gives gamers with sensation of controlling a comic book or watching the anime series. The REZ from the Wu Tang clan and Samuel L. Jackson’s voice also come to the table and provides AFRO SAMURAI with excellent audio work throughout the entire game.

Gameplay: AFRO SAMURA plays similar to many other hack and slash games on the xbox. You have your buttons for heavy attack, light attack, and a button for a kick move. The one thing that gives AFRO SAMURAI a splash of variety is the ability to slow down time and aim the angle of your sword swing, and majority of the time sever limbs, cut bodies in half, decapitate heads, and spew blood like a Las Vegas hotel fountain. The bad part of all this blood gushing gameplay is that after time it starts to become sort of tedious, and with limited variation in the constant waves of enemies, gameplay starts to become stale and feels old. The camera is another part of the game that needs some work. The camera never seems to go where you intend it to and sometimes results in you losing your sense of direction and dying.

Graphics: AFRO SAMURAI is an anime show, so it fits that developers created AFRO SAMURAI to look like the TV show, and the end product shows. The visuals look exactly like the show with their dark environments contrasted greatly with the fountains of scarlet red blood everywhere. The visuals in Afro’s journey of revenge definitely add a lot to the game and do not disappoint in the least bit to fans of the anime series.

Audio: Audio is by far the best part of AFRO SAMURAI. I was unsure at first about this game due to the fact I just don’t really enjoy rap or hip-hop. But to my surprise the soundtrack provided for the game by the Wu Tang’s REZ was really good, I completed the game about two months ago and I still, from time to time sing tunes from the game. The REZ deserves a lot of props for what he did for this game. Voice acting in AFRO SAMURAI is also great. Samuel L. Jackson’s voice as Ninja Ninja is just perfect, and its hilarious! I don’t care who you are, the things said throughout the game are super funny. Sound effects are also quite good the sound of blood hitting the ground and the “SHINGGG!” sound of our sword cutting countless enemies in half is really exciting and satisfying to hear.

Overall Score: 7.8 / 10

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