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UFC Undisputed 2009

Overall: we all know that UFC is about beating someone to almost death.Now it have a game for the 360. Alot of peoples talk trash about this game cause they dont understand it. but this game have to be one of the best fighting game ever. what is better then mounting.Rampage Jackson. then just pounding him still he out. am not saying this game is perfect. it kinda far from being perfect. but this can keep you having fun for weeks. i got mine at about the start of july it still not boring.what make this even better is that it online. so if u ever get bored of beating a computer. get online. there some pretty tough peoples out there. now the Patch is out to for quitting and glitch fighters. which is even better.if ur a fan of WWE ,Def jam ,boxing. you need to get this. there ton of fighters to choose from. even tho there no DLC. there will be in the might buy this. and get a bit mad at the game. I know i did. some of the thing on this game can be annoying at times. After a while you will ignore them. If ur a Fighting game Fan you have to get this

Gameplay: UFC 2009 undisputed got alot of things for you to do. Let start off with Create a Fighter (CAF).you can make a quick CAF. by going to creat-a-Fighter on the main menu or you can make one in career which will give it better stats.they could of done alot better. there not to many options on how to make ur CAF. simple haircut. kinda lame Tattoos. ect. but it stilll fun making one. there 6 styles in this game 3 striking and 3 Grapple. For striking it is Boxing,KickBoxing and Muay Thai. Then for Grapple it is BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu). Wrestling and Judo. nice Set of styles. it up to you which 2 you pick. one of the problem in this game. is the ground fighting. for me it was kinda hard to understand. you have to move ine R stick in a certain way. to switch like from Side control to mount. but once you learn that you should be ok. Now they got weight cl@!%#*!es. you get to pick which weight cl@!%#*! ur CAF get to be in. it would be better if they had a Open weight cl@!%#*!. where a Heavy weight can fight a light heavy weight. sadly they dont. but i can overlook that.. if your going to do a Quick match. you can set the rounds on 2 rounds. or 3 or 5. if you choose 5 rounds. that is a champion fight. which you fight for the belt. but the problem which that is. anyone can be the champion. if you just won a exhibition Championship fight. and you got the belt. you dont keep it. it is who ever in the red corner is the champion at the start. and who ever is in the blue corner. is trying to take the belt. nothing to special about that. career mode is a nice thing to do. you do it with a will have 7 year before u have to retired. this is how you make a good can train here Spar which give you stat point. you can do alot here. but overall for the gameplay it got a few flaws not to much

Graphics: this have to be one of the thing i like most about the game.the visual in this game is amazing! you can bust peoples faces open. bust noses. make eyes Swell up. make mouths bleed. get blood almost anywhere. i was amaze when i found that out. that not the only thing that make the visual good. the ring you fight in look great. look like the one in real life.All the UFC fighters on the game. look just like they do in real life.There tattoo's. look real. the crowd look great.the UFC girls look nice. you will probable be amaze at the visual in this game. it not perfect. but it still good.

Audio: there not to much to say about the audio. It good and all. just not super Special. i dont think you hear any of the UFC fighter voices in this game. the most you here is Rampage howl. the crowd sound great. they will boo you also.they need to work on the audio some. add more sound to this game. the punching sound is nice. you can hear the impact when you get hit with a superman punch. peoples need more voices in this game.but the sound effect is nice. they did it well

Suggestions: some more fighters would be nice. more Options on how you make ur CAF. i hope to see some good DLC to ^_^. but overall. great game

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

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