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Tetris Worlds: Online Edition

Overall: This game may not look much at the start, and when you first begin to play it, you may seem dissapointed, but if you get the right soundtrack going and have a good group of people to play with, you start to feel the magic of TWO.
The major problem with TWO, as mec said earlier, is the bugs, like the Voice bug, the not seeing all the players bug, not being able to see when someone has joined the lobby, so you will all of a sudden hear a voice from nowhere, usually instructing you to go back to the lobby to "let me in", and, yes, I have even seen the infamous "Ryan Error" myself, and while it is certainly amusing the first few times, it does tend to get on the nerves a bit.

Gameplay: If you have ever played Tetris before, you know what to expect. There are various gameplay modes, which of course includes regular Tetris, in which you must completely fill a line to clear it, and recieve points for it, and the more lines you clear at once, the more points you recieve. Then there are more elaborate modes, such as Hot-line, where players race to complete lines on colored lines in the background. The higher up the line is, the more points it is worth. Then there is Cascade, which is exactly like regular Tetris, except that blocks now have "Gravity" and fall when there aren't blocks under them. Then there is Square, in which players have to make a 4x4 square with the blocks and then clear lines which also include the square to gain points. Then there is sticky, in which the point is to clear the bottom line, but with Cascade physics, and finally Fusion, in which players must try to put "Fusion" blocks together as fast as possible.
The gameplay online is as you would expect itto be, absoltuley lag-free. It is suprisingly fun when you get a good game going and it is the only game that can consistently get me to stay up until 5 o'clock in the morning.
The single player modes are quite good as well, as they slowly show you the Tetris ropes and let you get a hang of the game, although the Story is quite inane and pointless, as I'm sure Alexey Pajitnov didn't create Tetris with a story in mind.

Graphics: As maneatingcow already mentioned, the graphics are not bad for a Tetris game, and considering that this IS Tetris, Radical Entertainment could have done alot worse. The backgrounds are fairly nice and constantly change with the pace of the game, although they can sometimes distract you in the middle of a game, like when clouds appear in front of your Matrix when in changes into the Space background theme. The menus do their job well and are pretty nicely done. The one problem is that when someone is talking, the little red light that glows in the respective corner of their little window is barely noticeable.

Audio: The sound not too bad, but Radical Entertainment probably could have done alot better. The built-in music, while okay at first, quite gets annoying with it's lame techno beat and lack of the original Tetris theme. The saving grace is the Custom Soundtrack option, which can greatly improve your game if you get the roight tunes going (I have a seperate Soundtrack for Tetris). Other than that, it's your usual blend of Tetris swooshes and clanks. On a side note, the woman in the background (E-Kim) is quite creepy and can freak you out with here odd, pointless one-word comments, whih pretty much consist of "Single", "Double", "Triple", "Tetris", and

Suggestions: Get rid of all of the bugs which never should have been overlooked in the first place. The "Ryan Error" was obviously only meant for the Game Testers to see and should never have been left in the game. Things like the inability to see when someone has joined the lobby is also inexcuseable. But, overall, I'd say you did a good job. Make another one with more options, no more bugs, and maybe some online tourney's set up for XSN (Tetris is SO a sport!!!) and I'll be back with bells on!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: This game is really awesome if you like action. The action near the end is pretty fast, although after awhile, the game can get monotonous, although I still love it.

Gameplay: Like I said, the game is fast and furious. If you like action, but this game! Bullet time is a great hook, although sometime the game depends on it 2 much. I actually prefer the controls to the PC.

Graphics: The graphics are astounding, you'll feel like your really in new york, although the characters heads can get somewhat blocky, and there is no transitions between expressions, so some1 will be angry 1 instant, and in pain the next, withought any transition.

Audio: The game is pretty good sounding, and all the guns sound great, but some of the voice acting is crap. I love the conversation between the mobsters though :)!

Suggestions: Keep up the good work, maybe smooth out the blockiness, more guns, more gameply variety, and better voice acting. BTW, multiplayer would probably suck in this game when you think about it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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