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Overall: The game has great graphics, the best out of any other basketball game on xbox. It is a very deep game and gives you several options including an excellent franchise mode, a usual for Sega Sports games. You can also play a street game if you wish, one of the favorites from the NBA 2K1 game. An extra to this game is it's live capability. You can play ranked games and work your way up the leaderboards while keeping a record of the games you played. If you wish to practice, you can just play a scrimmage and the outcome of the game will not go into your record. This game truly is the best basketball game for xbox. NBA Live cannot touch this.

Gameplay: Sometimes it can be hard to make the players do what you want. Say you're Jermaine O'Neal and you're trying to pass to Reggie Miller across the court. 3 out of 5 times it will end up in the wrong player's hands. You probably will be forced to press "Y" then the corresponding letter to get the ball to the right person. Another thing that may make this game frustrating for newbs is the amount of penalties called. But this game is a simulation so it is normal. In the NBA, even more penalties are called. Just elarn to play the game and you shouldn't have any trouble. There are a ton of other "little" things but I won't go into fetail about them. So as far as the appeal could be better. I give it a 3.5

Graphics: As I said before the graphics are the best of any basketball game on xbox. Some of the facial player models look nothing of the real-life counter-part, so that brings it down a little. The stadiums really do look huge and life-like as the real thing. I give it a 4.5

Audio: The sound is as hot as it will ever get. You hear the crowd start a chant when you're on a scoring streak...and you hear them die out when the streak is ended. You hear the little squeaks of feet on the court...and the swish of a perfect 3-pointer form Reggie Miller. The sound should satisfy you just fine. I can find nothing wrong so I give it a perfect 5.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: The game has improved on the A.I. It is very smart and adjusts well to the plays you pick. Playing on pro, I only break like 2 or 3 runs per game that are over 4 yards. The graphics are great and the stadiums really do look big. With all that you can add on the ESPN license. This helps out the game in lots of categories and just gives a good "feel" to the game. Another good thing is it's Xbox Live compatible. With this you will be able to download roster updates and play against freinds online. This is the best current sports game out for the Xbox right now.

Gameplay: As stated above, the A.I. is much more superior. It plays good D against the pass and run. The only downside is that it may shut you down sometimes if you're not very good at the game. It is nothing like Fever where you can just pick it up and play it. My very first game I lost 23-0. But now I learned how to play and I can compete with the pc. It just take time to get used to. You shhould definetly give this game a chance.

Graphics: The graphics are great. The are way better than the graphics of this game on GC and PS2. The stadiums really do look big because they make them big. No more of those fake camera tricks. The player's faces are well shaped and really look like the real-life counterparts. The classic ESPN look is a plus also. 5.0!!!

Audio: The sound is not bad and not good. It sounds a little too much like DC. Also one of the commentators has a very annoying voice. It's the one named Dan Stevens. I also think they could have added more phrases so you wouldn't here the same thing over, and over, and over...

Suggestions: Change the voice of commentator Dan Stevens. It's very annoying. It would have also been good if this game had system link so we wouldn't have to wait until November for Xbox Live. Other than that good job!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: I think this game has no replay value at all. It is non-existint. Unless you are the type of person that likes to watch bad movies over and over again. The plots are too simple and the sound effects are aggravating. The only thing this game is worth is a rental.

Gameplay: The controls less than acceptable. The way you turn is a real pain in the butt. Numerous times I have fallen off a cliff just because I couldn't turn the way I wanted. They should deffinetly take some tips from Halo the next time they add a game to this series.

Graphics: The graphics are good for an Xbox game but it does not really show the true power of the Xbox. It is about as good as the DC graphics are and are nothing to marvel at.

Audio: The sound can be prettyyu boring at times and sometimes you see that there is no sound at all. It really makes your ears bored!!! But the voices are nice and very creative. (what you expect from an Oddworld Game)

Suggestions: Get it together guys. If it weren't for the hype, this game would only sell 600,000 copies max! You guys deffinetly have work to do before you let out the 4th version. If it is good... I might even buy it!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: It's a great game overall but you break down the different parts and it begins to dissapoint the die-hard basketball fans. But if you have an Xbox, and you love basketball, this is a must buy.

Gameplay: The game is very fast-paced. But at times it can be aggravating. It is impossible to set screens because everytime you press the button to call it, your guys get in position, then when you let go, he moves. Also it's hard to keep your stats consistent. For the Pacers, Reggie will hit 10 3-pointers one game, then be 0 for 15 the next. It gets on your nerves! There is also a lack of franchise mode which every sports junkie needs in their video games. And to top it off, the turbo button really redifines the word &

Graphics: The graphics are by far the best on any game for the Xbox or should I say...all b-ball games on all consoles. It deffinetly sets the standards for other wise.

Audio: The sound is great. I can't really find anything different or special about it but it does sound really lifelike. I'll give it 4 out of 5.

Suggestions: Improve on the 2003 version!!! Your competition is NBA 2K3!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This game is the best multiplayer game on the market right now. It is the first multiplayer game EVER that I have liked better than Madden And Golden Eye. It has superb graphics and the environments are very big. This a "must buy" for the Xbox.

Gameplay: The gameplay has an easy sense of control to it. The controls are laid out magnificently having the trigger buttons used for weapons, and having the joy sticks used for moving. I would suggest changing the controls to inverted though because it makes it more realistic and comfortable to play. There are also three difficulty settings each with the AI getting harder and harder as you move them up.

Graphics: The graphics are great! What more could I say? All the landscapes look real life like and you actually sometimes forget that it's just a game!!! Two Thumbs Up!!!

Audio: The sound is also great. U can hear all the weather effects and they sound marvelous!!! Bungie deffinetly did well in this category. It also has a great soundtrack that gives a great "feel" to the game. In tense situations, it gives you tense music. In sad situations, it gives you sad music.

Suggestions: Get more levels!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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