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Dead to Rights

Overall: This review is on initial impressions only. As you can see I have only played it a few hours. My initial impression is a very good one but I concur with the previous two reviews that the save system and camera angles are not the greatest. I prefer first person instead of third person that this game uses. The third person view causes a few problems on occasion in seeing where you are going and what is in front of you. However, its a great game for game play . There is plenty of action and has some of the very cool features of Max Payne. This game combines a hand to hand fighting game with a gun fighting game. There is plenty of opportunity to do both. At this point the jury is still out when it comes to replay potential.

Gameplay: I think the game play is great. Plenty of big guns to let loose with and there are plenty of combinations of punches and kicks to master in areas where no weapons are available. Loved the human shield and the ability to disarm baddies when in need of firepower. Only drawback was character movement. I personally think everyone should use the Halo system of character movement, instead, in this game you move your character with only the left joy-stick. Right just controls camera views and in some areas you cannot change the camera views which sucks.

Graphics: I thought the graphics where great. I actually thought they looked as good as Max Payne and had better cut scenes than Max Payne.

Audio: Nothing special but did not distract from the game play. Overall sound was adequate but it didn't necessarily add anything to the gameplay.

Suggestions: This game would be great in first person. Or maybe a combination of first and third person.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Gun Metal

Overall: This is quite simply one of the worst xbox games to date. Maybe my standards are two high but with Halo showing the potential of the xbox I demand something more advanced than what you could have played on an old nintendo system.

Gameplay: If you enjoy killing numberous enemies with little or no stategy you may enjoy this game. I did not.

Graphics: I gave it a 1.5 instead of a 1 because at least the clouds look real. The enemies have very little definition and the landscape is very plain. I hate the guy that assigns the missions, sounds like the same guy from Bloodweak.

Audio: I need more than explosions to enjoy a game. This game did not have any music that would add to the game play experience. IT JUST SUCKED.

Suggestions: Try making a game that would take advantage of the xbox system.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10

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