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Turok: Evolution

Overall: I don't think this game should be compared to Halo, just because it is a first person shooter. This game is not anywhere near Halo. It has its moments, but I was expecting more from newer Xbox games. Worth the rental, but not the purchase.

Gameplay: The gameplay is average. While there is a nice variety of settings, it just didn't get me all that excited. Maybe Halo has set my expectations too high. The storyline is difficult to follow, especially if you are not familiar with the other Turok games. I found myself asking, "where am I going next, and why?" It just wasn't evident to me that the creators spent much time on crafting an experience. And the monkeys were a little too strong in my opinion. No way a gang of five monkeys should be able to tear you apart in a few seconds. Run away from them and shoot them from a distance. The whole flying chapters were very linear, and if you couldn't see your way into the next tunnel, you were forced to drive your bird into the wall, killing both of you immediately. The enemy AI was also fairly weak. While they would often run for cover, you could easily manoeveur yourself so that where they were hiding was no hiding spot at all. Lastly, I found on numerous occasions, that enemy pathfinding was problematic - many times I could take them out while they were running on the spot (stuck against an object).

Graphics: Most disappointing. Looks like a port! Graphics are very cartoonish, particularly in outdoor scenes. And the plant life is 2D! I thought we were beyond that. The animation of the characters and NPCs is good, especially some of the wildlife like dinosaurs and monkeys.

Audio: The sound effects were quite good, but the music was incredibly repetitive. As well, voice acting became annoying quickly, especially in the attack on the base, with the base commander over the PA system.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: I must look for different things in my games. Like an enjoyable experience, decent graphics, and a reasonable control scheme.

Didn't find those things here.

Gameplay: This game is very repetitive. Shoot some bad guys, pick up their weapons, shoot some more. Same story, different background.

The fighting portions (without guns) were fairly dull, especially with the limited moves you can accomplish. Particularly the prison chapter...

Overall, the difficulty level in the game is a little high, and the camera becomes your worst enemy, in that the angles it chooses for your encounters are absurd at times.

Graphics: The graphics here are nothing special. The background textures are bland, and seem repetitive.

As well, the gratuitous violence may appeal to some gamers, but it is a bit of a turn-off after a while. You can only watch Jack Slate execute his human shield with a gun-shot to the head so many times before it wears thin.

Audio: The sound in the game is good. Realistic gun-shot sounds, and the ambient noise is good. The music was average.

Suggestions: I think it turned out the way you intended it - to appeal to adolescent boys (under the age of the mature rating...) with raging testosterone, looking to "blow people away". Personally, the game wears thin quickly. Time to substitute depth for the quick fix of violence.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: I was somewhat disappointed with this. Playing "legacy" teams was completely useless, because player names were not provided. Got on the field to play the '67 GB Packers, led by star quarterback, "16". Might as well play a random generated team.

Some computer-controlled teams would only use passing plays; a full game would go by with no running plays.

Does not compete with NFL 2K3 or Madden 2003.

Gameplay: Passing game unrealistic. Easy to make yardage on short post plays, especially near sidelines. Running game was also somewhat weak, with FB and HB tosses usually resulting in no less than 5 yards. Defense was simplistic, and I found blitzing every play to be the most effective way to shut down an offense.

Graphics: Great graphics, but it is expected. Animations became repetitive, with the field looking more like synchronized swimming than football after a play (all players would get up off the ground at the same time using the same motion).

Overall interface was nice and easy-to-use.

Audio: Pretty good. Menu music becomes particularly annoying. Specifically, when administering a team in the front office during dynasty mode, there was no variation to the music being played.

Suggestions: How about entering in the names of players on historical teams? Would it have been that difficult, or were there contract issues?

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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