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A Letter From a Member

Here a killer letter from a beloved member, we decided to post it because it was so damn long, and it explain what most people debate about in the forums. This ones comes to us from Bobby...

I’ve been a big fan of Xbox Addict ever since I found it on the internet. You guys do such a fantastic job with the site. But i’m not here to praise you, i’m here to motivate you to write some big long essay like what i’m about to write about why Xbox will be #1 in videogames in a few years. People like to see editor’s opinions, and hopefull this essay will hope you form a good one.

In terms of quality of games, Xbox has by far the most potential. There is no way Playstation 2 could ever match the graphics on Dead or Alive 3, no matter how well the developers know the system. And DOA3 was released the first day of Xbox’s availability. We’ve all heard the complaints from hardcore gamers--- "graphics don’t matter!". Yes, the hardcore say that, but the casual games love great graphics. And Xbox kicks PS2’s ass in that category. Best graphics= huge sales.

Another reason Xbox will do very well is Xbox’s marketing. You can’t spend 500 million all at onceif you wanted to. Microsoft is going to be pushing Xbox in the usual dead times for gaming- late winter, spring, and summer. Xbox will have a year-round extensive marketing scheme and that alone will sell millions upon millions upon millions of units in times that game sales usually lag. This will pit retailers around the Xbox, another big advantage.

Here’s another point- it’s American made with familiar PC directX code. People complain that since it is American made, it will attract just western games that appeal to Westerners. And this is bad, why? The United States has the largest gaming fan base in the world and Xbox is developing games that American games eat right up. If Xbox captures the United States (which I am currently about 85% sure will happen), that success will seep into the rest of the world. Europe and Australia have very similiar taste as the United States and Xbox will likely dominate those regions as well. I know you are probably thinking that that is a very bold statement to make, especially with Playstation 2 having already sold 20 million units worldwide, but it’s not like something similiar has happened like this before.

Another complaint related to the western-games only conflict is the idea that eastern games are of much higher quality. This is somewhat true, if you look precisely at console games. In Japan, computer gaming isn’t nearly as popular as console gaming and the most talented developers, programmers, and directors are all focused on the console market. America is very different- the most talented, unique, and intelligent game developers are usually PC-centered because they are such fanboys of new technology that comes with PC’s nature to evolve. Microsoft has invited all great PC developers on board for developement and that automatically gives them an extensive and practically exclusive pool of highly talented artists and programmers. And where the developers go, people will follow. I think I read the PC gamer market in the United States is about 6 million strong, and they’ve all got their eyes wide open on the Xbox. Those who are consistent PC game buyers have developed a big interest in Xbox because it’s everything their PC is, only they don’t have to upgrade. The online ability is a major selling point for PC gamers and that brings me to...

...the ethernet adaptor. Including broadband with the Xbox gives them a huge advantage. Online gaming on Xbox will be common, fast, and reliable-- all good things when you’re a consumer. People point to Dreamcast as not being successful although it had a modem and was first to offer online play. Well, did anyone really think Dreamcast was going to do well with the then untouchable Playstation 2 on the distance? Dreamcast didn’t fail because of games, it failed because of it’s timing. Xbox’s online experience will blow Playstation 2’s away in terms of quality and quantity of games designed for it. Online games are usually incredibly addictive and that alone is a huge selling point. Also, the online play is scheduled to be released in the Summer, which brings me back to my point before about Xbox marketing during dull gaming times. Early summer is when I suspect Microsoft will begin it’s online for Xbox, and that’s going to set off a wildfire in sales. Microsoft’s going to push and push Xbox’s online abilities and the 18-30 year olds, those who make their own money, will be listening. Those people do not have to wait for Christmas to buy themselves an Xbox, and that explains why Nintendo and it’s kid-oriented fan base does not buy very much Nintendo merchandise in non-holiday seasons. Plus, impulse buying is suprisingly common in the game industry (I see it all the time in retail), and extensive year round marketing pounds the consumer with messages and before you know it, customers will just crack under the pressure when they are walking around a game store. It happens oh-so-much more than people think.

Now the most simple thing to explain it’s usefullness is the harddrive. It obviously makes games faster, longer, bigger, and more lifelike (with trees growing and such). I could list the possibilities the harddrive brings but i’d rather not for the sake of both or interest in the topic and both of already aware of the possibilities without me having to bring them up.

The single most important factor in Xbox’s success is Microsoft’s profits and Microsoft’s dedication to Xbox. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like Microsoft gives a flip about how much money is lost from each unit sold. And who would? Despite the tech downturn, Microsoft is still hugely profitable and can easily absorb these losses for a very extended period of time. Microsoft is more than pleasing it’s investors and has for a long time now. This allows Microsoft to put pressure and strain Sony and Nintendo with it’s bottomless pit of cash similiar to the way the United States built and researched new weapons during the cold war knowing the Soviet Union would eventually crack from the economic pressure involved with keeping up with the United States in the arms race. The United States won the Cold War because we had more money than the Soviets. Microsoft will eventually dominate video games because they have more money than the competition. Combined. And tripled. Fortunately Microsoft won’t take as long as the U.S. did to claim victory. FUTURE SITUATION: 3 or 4 years from now, Xbox will be leading just in time for Sony to release Playstation 3 too early. Playstation 3’s sales will be dismal compared to PS2’s feverish release because everyone is anticipating Xbox 2’s release the next year. Xbox 2 is released (fully compatible with every single Xbox game made because of the DirectX coding) and very quickly Microsoft surpasses whatever lead Playstation 3 had put together. Sony falls one step behind Microsoft and never, ever again will Sony or any console producer regain lost market share. Microsoft is chopping away at Sony’s legs right now, and as soon as Sony losses enough to where Microsoft can reach it’s head--- BAM. Sony’s face is in the dirt and Microsoft is stomping on it.

This is what Microsoft does. This is why they are considered evil. This is why XBox will dominate.

My last point that i’ll make , and i’ll make this quick so you can get back to working, is that Microsoft monopolizes industrys, quite unfairly and with very manipulative ways. I was not suprised when I read the news brief about Microsoft pressuring retailers-- we’re going to see things like that all the time throughout this whole generation of games. The bottom line is Microsoft has the power, marketing, funding, evilness and support that Sony could never dream of. Gaming is coming back home to America.

Note from the editor: If you have comments, complaints, etc.. Send your letter to, we’ll be happy to post it.


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